Xbox 360 Kinect, you are the controller, unless your an amputee!

The first computer I owned was a BBC Micro, cutting edge in the 80’s and one of the first home PC’s. The games were amazing at the time even if all it had was a line either side of the screen you could move up and down and you bounced a dot between the two. As computers and games consoles developed I kept up with them through Sega Mega Drives and Playstation’s. I was a big Sony fan until about 5 years ago when a colleague converted me to the Xbox 360. I was really impressed when I read about the Kinect and thought it was so good that you could play games without a controller at all. As I have been restricted with what physical activities I could do it was great to be able to do some at home using Kinect. Some of the sports games can be played while sitting down using your upper body. I am sure a while ago I read in the Official Xbox 360 Magazine that someone had written in to say that Kinect wouldn’t work if you we missing a leg. I can confirm that this is the case and even if I put my prosthetic leg on it will not pick me up. I can use all the dashboard using Kinect, I managed to play a demo of the Gunstringer but if I try to use the sports/exercise games I can’t even get past the first screen to play the games sitting down. I am not sure if Kinect Sports two, which includes darts which is easily a game to could play sitting down, has rectified this but how would I know if an amputee can get past the first screen. Even a person with one arm can play tennis but can they get past the first screen to be able to select the game? I wrote to Microsoft yesterday as I think if they are clever enough to be able to produce this sort of technology then they should be able to take people of all abilities into consideration. I believe Kinect can be a rehabilitation asset to be able to work different parts of the body following injury or surgery but it needs to be able to recognise all body shapes and sizes. I am probably considered an Old Age Pensioner in gaming years but with consoles trying to appeal to wider age ranges Microsoft needs to step up to the plate and lead the way for people with disabilities. If I hear back from MicrosoftI will update you.

8 Responses to “Xbox 360 Kinect, you are the controller, unless your an amputee!”

  1. I was looking towards using gaming to help me get in shape myself and leaning towards Punch Out on the Wii.

  2. Wii sports is used in my DSC & is great for rehabilitation & fun

  3. I have one and it works very well for me. Can’t generalize to “amputees”.

  4. DSC uses Wii Fit.

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