Tuesday 3rd February

Today was the day of the Colonoscopy. I’ve had one before without sedation about 4 years ago, It wasn’t too bad just a bit uncomfortable when the camera goes round the corners. They started with one size camera but had to get a smaller one, I’m pretty careful with my money, this is further proof I’m a tight arse! When I had the last one done I was given an enema, which as anyone who’s had one will tell you is very uncomfortable and quite aggressive. I wasn’t fully cleared and they could only see so far.

I start my preparation for this Colonoscopy on Monday. This time it’s was very different, I had to be on clear fluids only from 12:00 and at 14:00 I had 10 Senokot! At 18:00 I had a sachet of powdery stuff that was dissolved in boiling water, when they brought it to me it looked like some magical mixture from a Harry Potter movie. It smelt like a combination of Lemsip and bleach, when it had cooled I decided to neck it in one go. It wasn’t that bad after all and no worse than the Laxido sachets you have for constipation. At 22:00 I had a second sachet, I couldn’t drink it all in one go as it was hotter than the one I had earlier. I had about five goes at drinking it down, which was fine. Because I’d not been eating much and had an upset stomach, visiting the toilet regularly, the medication shouldn’t have had too much to do. It was a gentler way of making you want to open your bowels, I just hoped it did its job, I was nil by mouth from Midnight. To me the prep is by far the worst part about having this procedure done.

The Patient Transport crew arrived to get me to my 09:00 appointment. I commented on their American style Ambulance, apparently they are shipped in from Canada. They have both British and Canadian vehicles in this particular company’s fleet (not had them before) but the lady who stayed in the back with me wouldn’t drive the Canadian ones as they are left hand drive. I thought they were really nice ambulances but would prefer to have some windows in the back to be able to see out of. I suppose at least if something fell of the back of a lorry it wouldn’t be able to come through the window at you!

I was parked in the waiting bay at 09:10 and didn’t see a doctor till 10:40. After the explanation of what would happen and the low associated risks I signed the consent form. I was taken into the procedure room quite quickly after that and they got to work straight away. They put on the blood pressure cuff and clip on my finger to record my observations, then they put the little oxygen tube on. I was asked to pull down my Jim Jam shorts and lay on my left side, again the most awkward side but manageable. Next they gave me a small injection to sedate me and that was that. I knew nothing about anything until I woke up at some point in the recovery room. I just kept falling in and out of sleep and felt knackered. The worst part of it all was when the Nurse told me they couldn’t complete the procedure as I wasn’t fully empty and I would have to have it done again. I’m sure you can imagine how I felt after that bit of news!

They have mentioned the option of transferring me to the Princess of Wales Hospital, Ely, which used to be an RAF Hospital that opened in 1940. Last time I was here I was open to the option, this time I’m dead against it and a new battle will no doubt ensue. If I don’t go there they will have to look at what other options are available. Here we go again, pass the patient that no one wants and they want to get rid of. If I was to go to Ely I’d rather go home but I don’t think that’s an option, there are lots of reasons why staying here is in my best interest but as it’s just a waiting game now they want me moved somewhere else.

The only good news I’ve had is that the Cricket Splint can come off while I’m sitting on the bed, sleeping at night and to have a shower. Anytime I mobilise anywhere though I have to wear the splint, that’s fine by me though. The feeling of the air round the skin of my leg and the fact that I can clean it and put cream on it is bliss. There probably won’t be that many blog posts in the near future unless anything happens that‘s worth talking about. Each day is the same and really quite boring, all I can do now is rest up, be creative where I can and pray that nothing goes wrong between now and the knee replacement. So, till the next bit of news and blog post take it easy out there.

 Canadian Ambulance

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