Limbless Association

Help for all amputees

Today a package arrived and I noticed by the postmark that it was from the Limbless Association . I had decided to join them the other day and joined as a lifetime member at a cost of £150 as opposed to the yearly £20. There was stacks of brochures and information in the pack […]

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Prosthesis 2

I have a new leg

Today was a momentous day really as it was the day I was fitted with my new leg. It was up at a sparrows fart this morning to get to Addenbrooke’s for 08:00, even though we left really early we were still 10 mins late due to the traffic (note to self, get up before […]

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Phantom Limb

The phantom in me

Today has been relatively quiet, the Consultants and physios are not in and it is more relaxed in the morning. I have done my exercises today and increased my reps slightly but will keep them the same tomorrow. I had another wonderful visit today from a former colleague, he brought me some nice juicy grapes […]

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Lets Play Catchup

Let’s play catchup!

So here we are, the first proper entry. On Thursday the 10th November after a restless night I came into Hinchingbrooke Hospital, Huntingdon for a left above knee amputation. I had only spoken to a couple of people about it, one being an amputee himself. There was a couple of reasons for not tell anyone […]

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A new beginning, again!

Today is the first day of the rest of my life!

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Knee Aspiration

X-ray and Aspiration

After what felt like an eternity of talking to what seemed like a brick wall, I suddenly made a breakthrough. I’d been telling both the Orthopaedic and Infection Teams that I was in a lot of pain, I’d had some puss discharge from the original abscess hole, been going backwards with how much I could […]

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On the afternoon of Friday 21st February I was bathed in the glorious sunshine that was streaming through the window next to me. I’d planned to do some Cadet stuff on the PC but at 14:00 I started getting a really bad headache. Not long after that I started to feel sick then I started […]

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Cast 13

The woman in black

Since the Colonoscopy on the 6th February things stayed much the same until the 13th, where I woke up in a lot more pain than usual. I shrugged it off as coming from a bad night’s sleep but it was bad enough for me to start taking OxyNorm throughout the day again, which I wasn’t […]

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Canadian Ambulance


Tuesday 3rd February Today was the day of the Colonoscopy. I’ve had one before without sedation about 4 years ago, It wasn’t too bad just a bit uncomfortable when the camera goes round the corners. They started with one size camera but had to get a smaller one, I’m pretty careful with my money, this […]

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Knee 03-02-14 1

Catching up

Monday 3rd February Wow, at long last I’m almost up to date with the blog posts. It’s been a slog to get it all done but I’m relieved it’s nearly over. Because of either the medication, feeling wiped out and tired, feeling low or watching films etc. I haven’t been on the computer very much. […]

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Endoscopy 1

A trip out and a move

Monday 27th January Friday and the weekend were uneventful, although apart from Friday I was feeling better. I was ultra-frustrated all weekend with the internet connection on my phone stopping me from practicing the meditation techniques. The day of the Endoscopy had arrived, the Ambulance collected me at 08:30 for my 09:00 appointment. A Nurse […]

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Feeling Depressed

Feeling depressed

Thursday 23rd January I slept nearly all morning after a late night but felt OK apart from feeling tried. The downside of me being asleep is that the Orthopaedic Team didn’t wake me up and let me be. I find this really frustrating so I had to wait and hope they came round the next […]

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