It all happened so fast

Friday 25th November started very early as a couple of people in the bay were awake and making fair bit of noise. I looked up at the clock and with the time being 05:20 I thought I would get up, go to the toilet and still have a few hours to try and get some more sleep. I would say I was reasonably alert and on my short journey whispered “good morning” to the nurse and healthcare assistant who were in the bay tending to one of the ladies. After having been to the toilet I was standing up holding on to the grab rail ready to transfer back into the wheelchair. From here I really don’t know what happened next, I don’t know if I blacked out for a couple of seconds, went to step on the leg that wasn’t there, lost my balance or went to grab the arm of the wheelchair and missed but the next think I know I’m falling to the floor. It seemed to happen in slow motion with me trying to stop my fall but I couldn’t and came straight down on the end of my stump. I didn’t seem to feel anything for a few seconds and then this agonising pain kicked in. I grabbed the stump and seemed to hug it as I tried to shout, which I eventually did, but after a couple of times realised the nurse could not hear me. I built up all the strength I could muster to reach over far enough to pull the cord to call for help. As I slumped back rolling around in pain I heard the healthcare assistant shout “it’s Helen” as came running to my aid. She banged on the door a couple of times then unlocked it from the outside and came rushing in with the nurse. They were not the biggest of people and in the position I was in I didn’t think they would be able to get me off the floor. I helped as much as I could and they managed to scoop me up, get me back in the wheelchair and back to the bed. The nurse went straight off to get me some Oramorph (liquid morphine) and the doctor. I couldn’t believe it, everything was prepared and ready for me to go home, I had been so looking forward to it but would it still happen? Later in the morning my Consultant came round and examined me, there was no major damage just loads of pain to the stump and hip with a pulled muscle in my right arm. He was still happy for me to be discharged provided the physios were. After taking all the medication I was entitled too morning and lunchtime the physios checked on me in the afternoon. With the amount of pain I had it was decided that I should take all the medication I could, do nothing but rest, stay another night and review in the morning. I was gutted, I had done so well and was really looking forward to going home and had been hoping I still could. I still don’t really know what happened to make me fall but it was a hard lesson to to learn as a new amputee, I just have to take things slowly and remember that balance is a major issue until you get used to it. Lesson learnt!

4 Responses to “It all happened so fast”

  1. Helen, I am so so proad of you acumblishments you are really doing well and I take my hat off to you, you just keep on going the way you are, your a fighter and a good one at that, cant what to get you on a First Aid Course, boy we gonna have some fun, so chin up and hop to it, from another stumpy, mind you mine is nothing conpaired with what you have, I wish you all the very best of luck and my thoughts are always with you, and dont forget what I said, if there is anything you need, do not hesitate to give me a call, and I mean that anything.

    you take great care of yourself,

    my love and best regards to you, Les xx

    • Thank you for your kind words and support Les. I am looking forward to getting back to Cadets for lots of different reasons. I think playing a casualty for First Aid will be fun, even though I have done that before this will be a whole different ball game, bring on the fake blood! Thanks again :) xx

    • It will be great to work with you again Les, however If you read today’s post you will this is may not be for some time as CTC doesn’t have disabled facilities. They will be looking to correct his but it may take some time. I hope you get some good news from your specialist and they at able to do something for you. Do you get phantom pain in your thumb stump? Take care x

  2. Helen, you are a star, it’s gonna be great fun working with you again, and all the friendly banta we have going, so come on then stop laying around and hop to it Girl,. its great to see you in good spirits keep it up mate, dont forget need anything, give me a bell, just been to the doctors with my stump, minor as it is, and been told it might need restructoring, that sound like yet another operation to me, but it will be down to the Hand Specaulist to sort out when I ever get to see them that is, o well hands are a funning thing either it works or it doent, what a bummer mine did not work, still chin up, you take great care of yourself, and I hope to see you soon, take care, Les xxx

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