The first of the physio

as you can imagine one of the first events of the day, after the all important breakfast and pills, is the wash but unlike yesterday (when I had a Sister and Healthcare assistant to help me wash) I was given a bowl of water, my wash bag, towel, flannel, cup of water and sick bowl (to rinse my mouth into when cleaning my teeth) then left to my own devices. I’ll try not to create an unpleasant image for you but I have a catheter bag on one side, a drain coming out of my leg the other and limited movement. The radiator is pumping out some serious heat and it cannot be turned down so I am cooking nicely in this side room even with the windows open (unheard of as I am such a cold mortal). So there is this beached whale flailing around the bed trying to reach the bowl and have a wash! I did as much as I could and then just gave up and laid pathetically on the bed well and truly knackered. Later that morning a physio introduced himself to me and asked if I fancied trying to sit on the edge of the bed. I said that I was happy to give it a go but in a bit of pain and I needed to get some bottoms on as I was only wearing a T-shirt! After faffing around with the bottoms using the old Monkey bar again we started slowly (always best) I sat upright (even that was a bit of a challenge) and he put a slide sheet under the stump to help it move easier across the bed. I got close but the pain was too much and I had to stop. The cramp and spasms are very severe and it doesn’t take much movement to set them off. He was very pleased with me though as it was only day 2, I was quite pleased too. Before I came into hospital I was on Gabapentin and Amitriptyline (they are given to help people who have seizures but in my case it was for nerve pain) and before the surgery my Consultant had wanted me continue these after the surgery but I had not had them. I mentioned this to the physio and he spoke to the nurses who managed to get them prescribed so we hoped that would help. I knew that the next day they were looking to take PCA away and get me back on oral medication which was actually a bit scary because the pain is intense and I just hope we can keep on top of it.

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