Let’s play catchup!

So here we are, the first proper entry.

On Thursday the 10th November after a restless night I came into Hinchingbrooke Hospital, Huntingdon for a left above knee amputation. I had only spoken to a couple of people about it, one being an amputee himself. There was a couple of reasons for not tell anyone about it:-

1. Because my Nan is 94 and I knew that she would just sit and worry about it, which I didn’t want and I didn’t think it was right that other people knew and she didn’t.
2. I didn’t want to tell people and then for some reason it didn’t go ahead, I preferred to say nothing and then tell people after the event.
3. I didn’t want to tell people and then people felt awkward not knowing what to say to me, what can you say anyway???
4. Lastly, being a bit selfish, I didn’t want to talk about it!

I had to be at the hospital for 08:00 but was on the PM list so had most of the day to think about it. There was no bed on the ward so I had to sit in admissions and discharge lounge (god that sounds so much like an airport) and go to theatre from there, I did bring in a nice hunky chunky magazine to read which did help pass the time and take my mind off it a bit. I saw my consultant he measured me, marked the spot and put on the obligatory arrow on my leg, defiantly didn’t want them to get the wrong leg for this op! I also saw the anaesthetist and at about 15:00 I was being wheeled down to have the amputation. I had to sit in recovery and a small argument ensued about where the bed was and that the lounge couldn’t have their wheelchair back until I was in theatre, it wasn’t recovery’s job to get the bed etc. etc.. I did not have the operation done in Main Theatres but in the Treatment Centre because Main Theatres was so busy, it made no difference to me though.

The plan was to give me an epidural, have the surgery and then they would do a femoral block before they brought me round. The anaesthetist could not get the cannula in the first time so he had to use another vein in my hand. He gave me a little something to help try and relax me a little but I was getting a bit emotional at this point. Then is was the junior anaesthetists time to try give me an epidural, after about 5 attempts while I was sitting up they tried to do it while I was laying on my side. Well that must have been better because the next thing I know I was in recovery. I think that as soon as they got the epidural done they just put me under which was probably for the best really. Originally he had said about me being awake but sedated but I said I wanted to be right out of it which thankfully I was.

In recovery I had phantom pain straight away as It felt like my heel was a bit sore and I wanted to wiggle my toes. I was on self administered morphine and it had been keeping on top of the pain quite well but knocking me out so was sleeping a lot. It was quite a restless night but not all that bad considering what had just been done.

2 Responses to “Let’s play catchup!”

  1. I am in awe of your bravery Helen…My heart goes out to you…

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