What an eventful day!

Wow today has been busy. The first eventful thing happened just before lunch when I saw the physio (different one from yesterday). She came in and said about me sitting out in the chair for lunch which of course I had to give it a go. Although I was off the PCA and just starting on oral medication it was a bit easier to move today (probably because of the Gabapentin and Amitriptyline). I managed to get to the edge of the bed which was an improvement on yesterday. She had the walking frame which I used to shuffle along the bed to get close to the chair. The chair had a cushion on the seat and it also had cups under the feet to raise it up. I stood up for the first time and there was this rush of sensation that went to the stump, a tingly, hot sort of feeling and the stump felt really heavy. I know from knee replacements that you get this sort of thing when you first stand. Now I am not the tallest person and have short legs so I asked the physio if she could take the cushion of the seat which she did. I then sat down but I couldn’t reach the floor properly and was twisted. The physio promptly said just ring the bell after lunch and they will help you back to bed and left. I sat and tried to eat my lunch but the pain was slowly getting worse and worse until I just could take it any more and I rung the bell. Eventually (after what felt like hours) the nurses came and by this time I was crying, I just can’t describe how painful it was and I eventually managed to get back on the bed, my safe haven at the moment. It was an achievement though and I was pleased I did it, so tomorrow I am at least hoping to eat all my dinner and maybe even my tea in the chair!

The second event happened later in the afternoon when they took my drain out. Now when I have had a drain removed before they just pull it out and it was amazingly painful so I was definitely not looking forward to this. They took all the dressing off and the stump is massive, very big and swollen. Apart from that the wound is healing and it was very clean and neat. That is one thing I have to say about my Consultant all the surgery he has done has been really neat and the scars have healed well. Then came the time for them to pull out the drain. I grabbed hold of my Monkey bar and the nurse said take a deep breath in, I did and closed my eyes tight, there was a pause and then she said “there it’s out”. I didn’t feel a thing it was amazing, no twinge, no feeling no nothing, what a result! So the next thing was just to redress it and be 1 wire less. They put a dressing over the drain hole and across the long scar, then came the padding underneath and then the bandage and it was here I had a problem. They had to lift the stump up while they were bandaging it and the pain started again. It was really bad but they were as quick as they could be but I had to lay flat while they finished it. Strangely it took a while for me to put the stump down as I had got cramp again and it was just stuck up in the air, slowly though it did come back down and the pain eased once again.

I was very lucky and had three sets of visitors today. Two people from cadets came to see me, one of the people from Operation Warriors Return (who is himself a below knee amputee) and his wife and my Mum and Dad ( who come every day). It was just lovely to see everyone and I am very thankful that they took the time to come and visit me.

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