Mission accomplished!, well almost

For today I had set two goals, the first was to have a wash in the bathroom and the second was to get dressed into day clothes, all leading up to going to the cafe and buying Jan a coffee. I had a plan of action and gathered up my wash kit which was actually easier than on crutches, I could put everything on my lap instated of looking like a demented pack horse hobbling across to the shower room. Coming in at just under hour to get all my bits and bobs done I think the potential is there to shave some time of that lol lol. After gently roasting in the oven, that is the shower room, it was so good to get out in the cool air of the bay. Knackered already I only had to get dressed and my goals were complete. To be completely honest it wasn’t as bad as I thoughts it would be. After faffing around trying to drive round the bed while pulling the curtains shut, getting my clothes on required a fair bit of fumbling about but was not too much of an issue. So that was it by 11:30 I had reached my goals, hmmmm what to set myself for tomorrow?

Unfortunately the physios were really busy today so Jan only had time to take more measurements required for the stump sock and speed through my exercises. Although we went through them quickly we have increased the number repetitions and I am working hard on each rep. Jan said that we can go for a coffee on Monday so at least that gives me something to look forward to. I would say that there is nothing stopping me from going to the cafe with Mum & Dad but today I was really sore and tired from the mornings activities. It is probably better that Jan couldn’t make it or I would have gone and it would have been to much for me. I may try to at least get off the ward tomorrow or rest and try Sunday, aaah the decisions. It can be hard for other people to grasp that these are such small every day things but in here these tasks are magnified and are can be extremely difficult and tiring at first. Let’s see what tomorrow brings ……….

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