My first casting

No not that sort of casting, I don’t think I would be cut out for a film role. It was off to Addenbrooke’s this morning to see the Rehabilitation Consultant and thankfully we got a disabled parking space today after a few laps of honour round the hospital. The first thing was to get weighed on the scales, I just didn’t look, then off to see the Consultant. He asked many questions like how was the phantom pain, what medication was I taking, how long I had been wearing the cock sock – sorry stump sock for, etc. etc. He had a look at the wound and everyone (there was a prosthetist in the room too) thought it looked really good, then after prodding and poking it said there was still a bit of swelling but it was doing very well. After a small whispered conflab I was told I would go off for a casting, my leg would be ready next week and he would see me again in the new year. After picking my chin up off the floor I went to another room where I saw the prosthetist again. She was a really nice person who started the process by measuring the stump and then went out of the room. When she came back in she was carrying a contraption that looked more suited to torture than making a cast. I was given what looked like a pair of short long-johns to wear so that I didn’t end up caked in cast material and then sunk my stump into the plastic mould. The cast bandage was applied and in no time at all it was dry, unfortunately due to the nice warm bandaging my stump expanded a bit which made getting out of it a tads difficult. We were both holding on to the cast while is was trying my hardest to wiggle the stump to get it free, in the end it popped out non the worse for its experience. After that my foot, calf and length of my good leg were all measured so they have a rough measurements to set the new leg up with. That was it, I will be going back next week to have my new leg fitted, all very exciting. They are also ordering me another type of sock to wear in the evenings and at night. It stops the nerves from receiving all the hundreds of little electric signals from electrical equipment in the house which can apparently help with nerve/phantom pain. I call that another successful day on the road to recovery!

2 Responses to “My first casting”

  1. Started reading this today….couldn’t stop. It is really good Helen. You are so brave. This must be so helpful for others in a similar situation and struggling. Keep going! X

    • Thank you so much for your kind words it is really good to get feedback. I am really pleased that you are enjoying the blog which is slowly gaining readers and followers. I think it is mainly friends and family but hope it will eventually reach a wider audience. I will be setting up The Amputee Facebook Page in the next couple of days. Thanks again :) x

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