The people you least expect surprise you the most

I worked for the prison service for a couple of years as an OSG (Operational Support Grade). As an OSG you get to now everyone who works at the prison but you work closest with other OSG’s. If someone asked me who I would have thought would visit me from the prison after I’d had my surgery, the person who visited me yesterday would have been in the bottom half of my list, as would one of the people who visited me in hospital. It wasn’t that I didn’t get on with them because I used to chat and get on with everyone there but I just didn’t work directly with them. Yesterday’s visitor is in the TA and I am badged the same regiment as him in the Cadet Force, we both had the military interest and I had a lot of respect for him. We have kept in touch with one another on Facebook and he had asked if I was happy for him to pop across for a coffee which of course I was. He left the prison service before I did and he looks so well and happy, he is really enjoying his current job and you could see it. I am really happy for him and it can make so much difference to a persons life when they are doing a job the enjoy doing.

He has spent a lot of time with amputees while performing a welfare role for a while at Headley Court and Queen Elizabeth Hospital. It was really interesting listening to his experiences there and how the amputees got on. He asked me if I found that I sweated or got really hot at night. I said that I tended to get bed sweats when I had the infection but it was weird that my body heat seemed different. When I was in hospital, before the amputation, I always had a sheet with a minimum of 2 blankets with one of them doubled, after the surgery I only needed a sheet if that. I have always felt the cold and my fingers go white when I am really cold. I can remember saying to my Mum I wasn’t sure what had happened but since the surgery I have seemed warmer and don’t feel the cold quite as much. He explained to me it’s because the ratio of surface area to body volume is less making the body’s natural cooling system less efficient so you become warmer, the more limbs you loose the warmer you become. I have also read that amputees have to be careful in hot weather and take on more fluids as they a more prone to heat exhaustion. I had a lovely afternoon, we will catch up again and I am hoping to give him some photography tips. It was so good of him to take the time to visit, especially as he doesn’t live locally, and I want to thank him very much.

I have to confess the fall the other day had knocked confidence with the prosthetic leg and I am still bruised. It was so easy to fall and without warning, a big wake up call and one I do not want to repeat. Failure lies not in the falling down, but in the not getting up so I have no choice but to pick up my leg and start again, which I did this morning. I was understandably cautious today and it was still sore where the bruising is. I just have to do a little each day, rebuild my confidence and get walking!

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