I like it even less than I did before

I have never been a real fan of shopping and hate clothes shopping with a passion as nothing ever seems to fit (the prosthesis will make it even more difficult). I didn’t really think that I could like it any less until, that is, I went to Peterborough yesterday. I have realised that any trip to anywhere new will need planning before I go and that includes shopping. I looked on the internet to see if there were any Disabled toilets and their locations, Mum and Dad are familiar with Peterborough so they know where lifts etc. are. It was still quite busy with the sales and people queuing to return items which did cause me problems in some shops. As sad as this sounds I am always trying to clock disabled toilets in the shops, that is the easy bit it’s remembering which shop or location you have seen them that’s the problem. The public toilet in the main shopping centre is part of the RADAR (Royal Association for Disability Rights and Rehabilitation) scheme so it was a good job I joined the Limbless Association and got a key. There is now an app for the iPhone called Radar NKS and cost me £4.99 today but I think it will prove to be invaluable. I wanted to see if either of two well known sports stores had cheap Thinsulate gloves. I went into both but neither of them had a lift or wheelchair access to the 1st floor so I checked the ground floor and then left empty handed. After doing what we needed we then went on to the Supermarket. I learnt a few new things, the first being that loads of people walk around without looking at what is happening around thme, thus countless near misses. The second is that some people will look (some will stare) at you while walking towards to but will make no effort to move out of the way, forcing me to wheel around them even though it is easier for them to move than it is for me. The third, loads of people who don’t really need to use the lift use it, even though there were escalators to use, which means long waits for both wheelchair and pushchair users. The forth is that some shops have aisles or areas that are too narrow or densely packed that you cant access it with the wheelchair. All I can say is thank god for Internet shopping, the only good thing that came out of the shopping trip was the exercise I got while propelling myself around.

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