Apologies to my devoted reads for not doing a post yesterday but…….well, there just wasn’t any thing to write about. I was hoping to report on an epic adventure yesterday but it didn’t happen, I was a bit disappointed but new the day would arrive soon, I was right! This morning was manic, we had engineer in installing stuff and a new cooker arrived so it was andypandymonium and cold. Because of all the toing and froing the front door was open so there was no point having the heating on so on went a nice cosy warm jumper. When thinks had eventually calmed down I decided I would set off on my whirlwind adventure, a round trip of just under 300 yards up the road an back. It was quite literally one small step with the leg but a giant leap for recovery kind. It wasn’t quite as successful as it could have been but there were a couple or reasons for this. For a start I didn’t seem to have my prosthesis on very well today. I didn’t appear to be fully in the socket which meant I was swaying around at the top of it. It just didn’t feel really comfortable anywhere and I should probably have tried a thinner sock….but I didn’t. So looking incredibly silly with my two different trainers on, my sticks and with Dad in tow we headed off. I stepped over the threshold and did have a bit of nerves going on as it was quite literally the first time I have stepped foot out of the house with my prosthesis on. Our drive is a bit steep but I managed it OK but then the problems started. If you read ‘I really don’t want to do that again’ you will remember the shocking pavements we have here and it all starts next door. The slope of their drive from the pavement is dramatic, I really felt it in the groin again as the slope seemed to be pushing me over on that edge of the socket. I was almost at a crawl over next doors drive but as it levelled a bit I managed to get a reasonably good stride going. The pavement is on a permanent camber though which makes walking a bit difficult. There was the odd couple of drives that slowed me down a bit but I was being a bit cautious as well. So after about 135 yards it was about turn and we were homeward bound. So with a bit of concentration I had a good stride and was walking well, until, that is, I got to next doors drive. It was worse coming back than on the way out and it stopped me almost dead in my tracks. The problem is that the prosthetic leg is higher than my real leg which pushed the plastic in the groin again as the right side dropped. The left leg was so much higher that is was almost on tiptoe with my right leg to touch the floor. I stopped to try and explain this to my Dad and soon wished I hadn’t. As I was talking I tried to show how I was on tiptoe when the knee gave way and I started to drop. My lightning reaction was to try and my stop myself which I couldn’t do but thankfully Dads lightning reaction grabbed hold of my arm and he managed to hold me up, while I recovered the knee lock. It was a very dodgy moment and another reminder of just how easy it is to loose control of the leg. I could so easily have ended up an injured and embarrassed mess on the floor. I took our drive way very steadily and arrived back home in one piece. The groin area was very sore again so I ended up taking the leg off as soon as I got in. It may have been different had I been further in the socket but I will try it again on Thursday probably, watch this space!

2 Responses to “Nearly!”

  1. Well done H! Give yourself a pat on the back & remember; to win the war you have to win the individual battles 1st xx

    • Many thanks again for your comment. It really does un-nerve me every time the knee goes but the more I walk on it the more I will feel and understand it. I have had many little battles that I have won already with many more to come. I am all for winning the war so I will battle on. Thanks again xx

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