A ‘Hole’ different socket

Today I was up at a sparrows fart to be at Addenbrooke’s Hospital by 08:00 to see Lynne (my prosthetist). Thankfully she had read my blog and knew that I couldn’t get the prosthesis on. She said it was good to have read it as it gave her time to think of a plan. Thankfully there was a plan and even more impressive there was a backup plan too. Lynne didn’t think my stump was swelling from struggling to get in and out of the socket. She felt that air being trapped in the socket was still the issue, pushing against compressed air is like pushing against a brick wall, it ain’t going nowhere. I was inclined to agree with Lynne because while I could get a bit of air out I would get a little further in, as soon as the air couldn’t escape I couldn’t get any further into the socket.

The first thing to try was making a hole in the socket itself. This, along with the hole that was previously put in the lining, should allow all the air to escape from it. After the hole was made it was time to try it out, when I was in the socket the hole was taped over while we tested it. I did manage to get all the way in, I think there was a bit of skin pinch but worse from my point of view it was digging in one part of the groin. Lynne felt the area to see if she could identify the exact spot, which she did. I prefer her to check as I can often feel where it is but not always accurately point it out. I think I’m getting better at knowing if I am fully in at the back but again I sometimes ask Lynne to check as I could still be a bit prone to getting it wrong. She went off again to trim a bit of a corner down and to make some little bungs to fit in the hole she had just made. If we knew we would have this problem a valve could have been built into the socket but if it works I am more than happy with Lynne’s Blue Peter job. The bungs look suspiciously like the foam they use to make the flesh on prosthetics with. When she came back with the socket it felt much better but there could still be the possibility of the skin pinching, yet again it comes back to road testing and trying it out.

If I am still having problems getting in the socket then there is one last option. I wasn’t keen on it when it was mentioned before but something Lynne said today may have changed my mind. There is a method of using a bag to pull the stump into the socket which I think can be a bit fiddly and not what I really wanted to be doing. Apparently this is what is done when you have a suction socket and as soon as I heard that it didn’t sound so bad after all. I am really hoping to be able to wear a suction socket in the future, when things settle, may be the bag thing is not such a bad idea after all.

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