Peugeot 5008 on order!

Three lots of good news in three days, outstanding! It all started on Thursday morning when the postman came and there was a brown envelope addressed to me. I knew straight away that it was from the DWP (Department of Work and Pensions) as it is very distinctive. I guessed that it would be the reply to the letter I wrote them asking if they would extend the end date of my DLA (Disability Living Allowance). It didn’t feel that thick though, I was excited in case they had said yes but was dreading it in case they said no. It was no use I just had to open it and hope for the best, I tore the envelope apart and started to rapidly scan the text. To my relief they had extended the date, not just by a couple of months but till 2nd April 2014. I was elated at the news and was straight on the phone to the dealer to see if she was in and when the best time to go over and see her was. Because of Easter Motability will not do anything with the claim until they get back next Tuesday but she advised I go in today to test drive the Semi-Automatic gearbox and get the paperwork done. At least this way the claim will be in the queue to be processed on Tuesday when they get back.

The dealer also mentioned that the DWP may have done me a bit of a favour in holding up the purchase of the car. Since I was last in Motability have reduced the prices of the AP (Advanced Payment) which means I am saving about £400. This obviously brought a second smile to my face and I was all set to go across today for the test drive. With the way prices are these days I will probably need the money saved just to fill it up with fuel! We got across for the 14:30 appointment but they didn’t have the Peugeot 5008 Semi-Automatic there so I took out the 3008 instead. I was really impressed, it was a smooth drive and a Semi-Auto is better to drive than the Full Automatics I have had before, you have so much more control when you need it. I still prefer the 3008 but as the 5008 is only 16 cm longer and 2 mpg less economic the advantages and versatility far outweighed that. Unfortunately there are only two of the model and colour I want in the UK with other Peugeot dealers and they don’t have to let Peterborough have one. This means that I may have to wait 10 weeks for a factory built one. So the best news is we have placed the order today but the sales lady will contact the two dealers on Monday/Tuesday to see if she can get one from either of them. I would obviously prefer not to but am not too bothered if I have to wait the full 10 weeks as at least I know I will be getting one now. I can’t tell you how good it felt to be out driving a car today, I have really missed it. Roll on the motorised set of wheels, will keep you posted on developments!

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