A new folding wheelchair

This morning involved a trip across to Peterborough at the Mobility Aids Centre to pick up my wheelchair, an Ottobock Motus CS. It was the first time I had seen it in the colour I ordered and it looked even better than I imagined. I knew that this wheelchair was heavier and would be harder to propel myself but I had built it up in my mind to heavier than it actually is. This of course was good news and I went for a spin around the shop which felt good. It is difficult to compare the two wheelchairs as there is a big difference in price and one is a rigid frame while the other is a folding chair. The footrest is nice and I can actually put my foot flat on it but I may raise it just a tads. The back rest has a slight angle in it which was much better than the bolt upright one in the shop. Instead of slick tyres that I have on my Quickie chair these wheels are textured for grip, apparently some people don’t like those tyres but I am happy to see how I get on with them and what difference it makes. The handles fold down which can be a good thing as sometimes you don’t want people pushing you and this will stop them from doing that. It is really easy to flick them back out again which makes it nice and versatile. I have stabilisers again which can be set to different lengths, which is the same as the one I have. I like to be able to tip the chair a fair way back as this really helps with getting up kerbs and over cables or hosepipes for example. I could have done with stabilisers on the front, as I leant quite far forward to pick up the ball for Cody (my Labrador) the wheelchair tipped up. I got a close inspection of the floor and a little pain in the stump but nothing too bad. I have stretched further in the other chair and it has never tipped up like that, I just have to be more aware of the centre of balance and not let my weight come too far forward. The seating position is set higher than my other chair which has its advantages but the downside is that I can’t get my legs under the dining table so we may have to lower it slightly. We went to collect it in Dads car as we had some other places to go and it took up hardly any space compared to the rigid frame chair. I am hoping there will be a big difference for me to get it in and out of the car as I am struggling with the other chair on one leg. All in all I am really pleased with it but I need to get out and about and put it through some real testes before I make a final judgement. Obviously I would love to be walking on my prosthesis and not be using a wheelchair all the time. As we don’t know how long it will be before that is a reality this will help to make life easier for me when I go out and about in the car.


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