R&R in Wales

Yesterday was pretty epic as I travelled to Wales for a few days R&R, sightseeing and photography. It all started Friday evening when we took Cody to the kennels. He is staying with the people we bought him from and where he will see his Mum, Brother and friends. He seemed quite happy and I was told that if the weather improves he will get taken to the river where they can run about and have a dip. We set off quite early after we packed the car, which was filled to the rafters. We would never have got it into Dads car, on my own I had the wheelchair, prosthesis, sticks, crutches, case, camera bag and a day sack. Planning everything is like some military mission even from booking the Hotel, which my Dad did. He said he had trouble finding a place because many hotels say disabled access but mainly that is into the building, function rooms and bars but does not include rooms with disabled facilities. He managed to find the Aberavon Beach Hotel, Port Talbot, South Wales and I have to say the room I have is excellent. There is a massive bedroom area with loads of space to wheel around, a small bath, sink and toilet in one room (which the wheelchair won’t fit in) and a wet room with shower, toilet and sink in another room, amazing place. There are two lifts with the main foyer having nice smooth floors, the rest of the place has really good quality thick carpet which is a nightmare to push the wheelchair on. There is Small pool here which I may venture into but will have to see what the access and facilities are like in there.

The drive down wasn’t too bad and the traffic was pretty light considering it is a Bank Holiday weekend. I did start to get some discomfort in the stump by the time we got here and it was more than enough driving for me in one day. After unpacking we decided to go out for a stroll/push, as the beach is across the road from us we decided we would walk along the promenade. It is really long and quite a nice surface for me to push myself along, I did need a hand for a bit of the way due to strong camber and sore wrists. There are ramps dotted along the place for pushchairs to get down to the beach. There was a path half way down the embankment which we went along for some of the time but we didn’t go on the sand as the wheelchair wouldn’t cope with that. Not sure what we will do tomorrow but the weather will play a big part in that no doubt. Today as been a bit much for me really and I ave a splitting headache. I was hoping to get an early night but there was a live singer downstairs which was so loud it sounded as if she is singing in the wet room. I didn’t get a brilliant sleep and ache from yesterday, the weather this morning is not too bad, dry but cloudy. Not sure what we are doing today, just see what the day brings. The pants building in the picture is our Hotel and although it looks really ropey rom the outside it is really nice inside, a case of looks can be deceiving.

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