I really regret doing that

Wednesday was, although I didn’t know it at the time, the worst physio session I have had. A super-hot day and my physio didn’t want to work us too hard so we had just over an hour and a quarter of stretching. Looking back I think I would rather have tried an hour on the rowing machine. We were doing 30 reps of all the stretches and they were tough. Knowing I can’t extend (Lean back) my back and I’ve had multiple surgery on my right knee you would expect your physio to take that into account. Two of the stretches involved kneeling, although after struggling with the first exercise she did adapt the second one so I didn’t have to kneel. Some of the other stretches involved extending my back and towards the end I only tried a little bit. I give it 100% on all the stretches I can do, unfortunately I try quite hard on the ones I shouldn’t be doing but have been instructed to do. I don’t like the thought of people thinking I am not trying, so I do them. Following the stretches we all went out for a walk, the same route I did the week before. It was OK, I just had the same issues as before with the pavement camber. When we got back to the amputee gym I was not as knackered as I was the week before so that show some progress already. I must admit I felt pretty good after the walk and it felt like another mini achievement.

Wednesday evening I ached a bit but after all we had done in the physio session I wasn’t surprised. The big surprise came yesterday morning when I got up, I could hardly move. I had some breakfast and a wash then I just laid on the bed for a few hours before I got dressed. I can’t remember the last time I had this much back pain, which had flared up again, even worse was the fact that it had flared up pain in my knee too. I didn’t know where to put myself, I had only been taking medication at night but took two Paracetamols and a Tramadol in the morning. I took some Paracetamol again at lunch time but not at tea time, this was a mistake as I really should have taken some tea time. By nine o’clock it was so painful again that I dosed myself up and went to bed, I could hardly move and was close to tears. I was a bit disappointed at my physio for getting me to do them in the first place but I am just as much to blame for not standing up and saying that I wouldn’t do them. When you think of how many people she see through the amputee gym each week you can’t expect her to remember all the other little problems people have. I would say, lesson learnt and I will make sure I say something next time, however I think I have done this once before although not as bad. I can’t afford to let this happen again though as I couldn’t do anything yesterday and I’m still struggling today. I don’t want to start taking two steps forward and one back, I have to learn my limits and make sure I don’t cross them.

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