Oarsome Mobility Grips

I, like many other long term crutch users, have adapted foam, pipe insulation and all manner of other materials to try and relive the pain in my hands. Physiotherapists frown upon this DIY but in the past there has been nothing on the market to solve the problem. This has all changed since Emily Webb, a young entrepreneur, appeared on the BBC’s ‘Dragons Den’ and got the backing to market her Oarsome Mobility Grips. Originally designed for rowing oars she adapted them to fit perfectly on crutches handles as well.

Oarsome Mobility Grips are made from a softened plastic that is Latex free. They are sealed with an antibacterial solution providing long lasting and effective hygiene, they can be easily washed as and when needed. The Oarsome Grips are the only certified antibacterial and physiotherapist approved crutch grips on the market. They maintain their shape and help in two ways, firstly they cushion the palm which stops soreness and blisters and secondly they help to keep the wrist straight which reduces aches and strain.

The very first pair of grips I had where a bit loose so they twisted around the handle and didn’t support the wrist as they should have. When you place an order now you are asked what make of crutches you use, they send you the correct size of grip for the handle which stops this from twisting. I’ve had two pairs grips but gave one set to a friend, as I now have two sets of crutches (one set for the car and one set for the home) I have ordered another pair.


  • They help to eliminate issues with your hands and wrists while using crutches
  • Approved by physiotherapists
  • Antibacterial coating
  • Can be used be used by people of all ages
  • They are easy to keep clean with warm soapy water
  • Fit most crutches with a standard handle
  • Could be fitted to other handles relieve pressure on your hands, for example a wheelbarrow
  • Reasonably priced
  • Choice of colours


  • People with weak hands may find it a struggle to get them on and off, although there is rarely any need to remove them once they are on.


I love this product and it is great that something so simple can be so effective. I would recommend these grips to any long term crutch user and just wish they had been around years ago. Now I have used them I won’t be without them and you really notice a difference if you use a set of crutches without them fitted

Score: 10



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