There has been some progress with both the Kitchen adaption and the Wet Room, so here’s the update:-

Wet Room

At the beginning of the week a surveyor came out to see the Bathroom and assess the work that needs doing. He was really nice, explained things really well and also checked that I knew about all the work that would be carried out. Months ago when the guy went through the grant application I was told the OT (Occupational Therapist) had put me at a priority 3 which was the lowest priority. At this level it could have taken up to 12 months to get it all done, which I said was unacceptable as it would have been nearly 2 years since the surgery. They were going to email the OT and see if she would alter the priority level, which I am guessing she may have done. The surveyor explained that over the next couple of weeks three contractors would be in touch to get quotes. Fenland District Council would choose a contractor to do the work and then it would be done. He is talking 3 or 4 months and in his own words “At least you are not lost on a waiting list anymore and things are starting to get going now”.


Months ago they came round to do the quote to remove the kitchen cupboard and lower the worktop. I had a phone call from the OT ages ago to say she had forwarded the paperwork to get the work done and then it went quiet. Wednesday I phoned up NRS who arrange the adaption work and the guy said that there was a note on my file that they needed further information, he said he would find out what that information was. It turned out that they didn’t have a phone number for me, how easy would it have been to phone the OT and ask for it, but no they did nothing. Thursday the contractor phoned me up and they have booked me in to get the work done on Monday and Tuesday. Had they used their initiative this could have been done months ago, totally unimpressed. We are paying a little extra to get them to move the cupboard (so we don’t loose the storage space) and change the whole worktop, as they couldn’t match what we had. My Dad will also re-tile the kitchen as they couldn’t match what we have, there will be areas that are not tiled tiles and they could pop the tiles on the wall when they remove the worktop.

It is great that at last things are starting to come together but although they are services that are supposed to help you the really drag their feet. The biggest lesson I’ve learned is that as soon as you are passed along to a new part of the process contact them straight away to make sure they have all the details they need, then chase, chase, chase.


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