Second business course

Last Thursday, Friday, Monday and Tuesday I was on the Practical Skills For Business Course. For those who read the blog regularly this is the follow on course from the Enterprise Induction one. This time there is no qualification but as far as I’m concerned it is a far better course. Once again, and I am so pleased, we have Andrew Manig running the show. There are 16 of us when we are at full capacity and we are at the same venue as before, so good disabled facilities.

Andrew is really passionate about what he does and that comes through in volumes during the delivery. When I teach Cadets I have to ensure that I pitch the lesson to all abilities, making it engaging enough for the most experienced and basic enough for the least experienced. We are an extremely diverse group in age, language, experience etc. but Andrew makes it engaging and understandable for all. Some of the sections are quite challenging and heavy to get across, he uses plenty of anecdotes and tries to give examples based on the groups different businesses. This was the course that I really wanted to do, I thought it would be the most useful and I haven’t been disappointed. The group is great, we all get involved and it is good to hear other people’s ideas and experiences. I am a bit of a sponge and like to absorb as much information as possible, sometimes when we go off on a bit of a tangent or some of the stories go on for a bit of time I am aching to get back on track. It is really daunting starting your own business and I guess that while I have the opportunity of the course I want to get as much out of it as I can. We have another two two-day sessions to go and I am really looking forward to them. The only major downside for me was the fact that I missed 4 days Paralympic viewing (apart from Friday evening), at least it will be over before the next days take place so I wont miss anymore of the action!


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