The Amputee and the author

Early last week I was contacted by gentleman called Rodney, through ‘The Amputee’ email, stating that he liked my posts and wondered if I would be willing to discuss NHS prostheses with him. I replied that I would be happy to talk about my personal experience but obviously not all amputees are the same. It transpired that he is an Author who has written many books over the years (you can find more information on his website The book he is working on now is a fictional story about an amputee but based on firm fact. The first part of the book explains the accident and how the person became and amputee, with the remainder about the characters they meet and how they deal with this life-changing event. Rodney stumbled across me, and the blog, while doing some Internet research, hence the approach.

Rodney is writing this particular book as he has a desire to show the public that being an amputee isn’t as easy as it might seem. There’s a tendency to think it’s a case of just removing the leg, getting a prosthesis and life is normal again. It’s a view that may be compounded by the media making amputee life look so simple. He also wants to correctly represent the amputees’ point of view, so they can recommend the book and people can read for themselves what life can really be like.

Yesterday I met Rodney for the first time as he came over to find out more about my experience and me. He came bearing gifts of chocolate oranges and drinking chocolate, which was extremely generous of him. Anyone who knows me well knows that I’m a sucker for chocolate oranges. By coincidence one of them was the exploding candy variety, which had a strong link to something I was thinking about a couple of days before, but that’s another blog post. Previous to our meeting he had emailed me a copy of the first chapter to give me an idea of the main character and the direction the book was going. I tried to give him as much information as I could and he had some very good and interesting questions. You can tell from the questions asked and the notes scribbled that he is really passionate about getting things as accurate as possible. Trying to get a complete overview, from the highs to the lows and everything in between. He allowed me to see details of the characters and he read some other excerpts of what he has written. What I really like about it so far is that it’s pitched at a level that anyone can read. A child or adult can pick up this book, get into it and understand what’s going on. Terms and procedures that people may not know are explained in the conversation or flow of the story, so you never feel there’s something you don’t understand. I’m not a fictional book reader at all (I prefer factual books or read magazines) but I found it easy reading and informative. I was really impressed by his knowledge and he was way ahead of me in some areas. You can see the hard work, research and dedication that is going into this book and I’m honoured to have been asked for some input. I’m finding it quite interesting to see the process and development of a fictional story, not that think I’ll be a converted fictional reader though. We have arranged to meet again next week, so the story continues!

Chocolate Gift

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