The knee strikes back

Christmas Days unwanted present has been developing over the last few days despite starting the antibiotics again. Maybe I should have started them sooner but I am getting the feeling it wouldn’t have made much difference. I’m no expert but I’m guessing there’s something in there, small bit of grit for example, which is why it has flared up again. I have to be honest, it is bloody sore now and I am planning my next step, which believe it or not is not an easy one. If I go to the local minor injury centre there will be nothing they can do. There is no need to dress it as it isn’t open and I’m on industrial strength antibiotics already. They may advise that I go to A&E but that would probably be it. If I go to A&E that equates to hours of waiting to be sent home and told if it gets any worse then come back, which is what happened the first time I went to A&E before (it was open and weeping then too). With it being so close to New Year they will not want to be admitting anyone unless absolutely necessary. To cover my own arse I thought I should put myself through the A&E process but have decided to go to the Doctors first thing tomorrow, but there lays another problem. My usual GP wont be there, which is a big blow and I will have a fight on my hands to get something done. My GP would probably have got me admitted (even though Hospital is the last place I want to be) and on intravenous antibiotics or referred me to a consultant. I think looking at it she would have gone for admitting me to get it sorted before it has the chance to get any worse. It could be that if it opens the particle could come out and then it would heal up with no further problems, which would be a result. I just want it sorted ASAP, whatever is needed to get that done is what I will do. I’m hoping that I don’t end up in Hospital, not just for me, more for Mum and Dad as they will have me in one and Nan in another. I told them that if it came to it they don’t need to visit me, my knee is insignificant compared to what my Nan is dealing with at the moment. So it’s gloves off, seconds away and ready for round one tomorrow. Watch this space!

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