All done!

Yesterday afternoon I was off down the Surgery to see the practice nurse. We’d had no snow all day until 15 minutes before I set wheels outside the house, it was coming down really heavy. Dad came with me, which I have to say I was pleased about, as the potential to closely inspect the ground was very high. The Consultant had left me with a long internal, dissolvable stitch with the ends protruding the skin at each end of the incision. This stops the stitch from dissolving too quickly and helps it heal better. I had no pain in the knee at all really, just a little sore where one stitch end was and very itchy. The dressing came of clean and easily and the wound looked really good. The stitch at the bottom of the wound (towards the foot) had worked its way in the hole so there was very little to remove, the one at the top of the wound was there and snipped of really easily. The only redness was around that top stitch, I will keep a close eye on it and the rest of the wound, any hint of trouble and I will be straight back down the Surgery. It looks great though and I am confident that it will heal well and there’ll be no further issue with it.

I know I’ve said it before but both consultants were great and totally on the ball, I couldn’t have asked for better surgeons. Yet again I want to thank all the healthcare professionals in the chain that treated me, from A&E too discharge. It was nice to see that some of the staff on the ward had been promoted, while others had move into different and more specialised roles. In the nicest possible way I hope I don’t see them again anytime soon, I’ll definitely be looking to break the record of being back there within just over a year, never again would be even better.

Some people may think it strange that they sorted this infection out so quickly and why couldn’t they have done that with the left one. It’s a long story and there were issues and discussions going on before I had the infection. I haven’t really spoken about life before the amputation in the blog, I saw it as a new start and tend to concentrate on the future rather than what I left behind. I may cover it at some point but I have added some photos to my Facebook Page, in an album ‘Life With My Knees’, you can see photos and a description of what I have been through with them.


Knee 19-01-13

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