A clot or not a clot? That is the question

On Monday I phoned the Doctors Surgery to book and appointment with my GP (she only works Wednesday and Friday), I was told there were no pre bookable appointments and to phone on Wednesday morning. The reason for the call is that my foot and ankle have been swollen for about two weeks I think, I put off doing anything about it as I thought it was just a bit of fluid retention or gravity pooling. It goes down a bit over night but by the evening it’s was much bigger, I was getting pins and needles in some of my toes. I had a bit of pain across the top of my foot, right side of my ankle and up my shin a little way. I still didn’t think it was from a blood clot but I had not been on any anti clotting injections since I was in hospital and I have been very sedentary. I thought it would just be best to get it checked out, as I didn’t want anything else to spring itself on me.

Wednesday morning and I’m calling as soon as the Surgery opens, just after an hour of it being constantly engaged I got through. There were no appointments available that day so I took the earliest available which was 3rd May. My back up Doctor was on leave for a couple of weeks so I couldn’t see her either. As it happened my Mum had an appointment with my usual Doctor so I asked Mum if she could ask the GP if she could get me in to see her sooner. While my Mum was at the Surgery I got a phone call from my GP saying she had my Mum there and she’d told her about the swelling in the ankle. She asked me a few questions and although we both thought it probably wasn’t a clot she wanted me to see the CP (Clinical Practitioner) the next morning just to get it checked.

Early Thursday morning I was in with the CP who is very good too, she checked my foot & ankle and asked loads of questions. I gave her the details of the blood transfusion to go on my records, as this was not given on, or mentioned, on the discharge letter. I also mentioned about being so tired, sleeping loads, no concentration, easily distracted etc. She took my blood pressure, which was fine, oxygen saturation was fine and finally my temperature was fine. We still didn’t think it was a clot, she felt it was gravity pooling and told me to keep the leg elevated as long as possible. She did send me to the Nurse to get blood taken to check for clots, blood counts to check the Haemoglobin levels, thyroid and a bunch of other stuff. She told me that my GP was the duty Doctor on Friday and she would get her to heck the results and contact me if there was an issue, knowing my GP she would call me whatever the results were just to let me know and put my mind at rest. Saw the Nurse really quickly and after 6 vials of blood we were home in no time.

Mid morning this morning my GP called me to say that the D-dimer (the test for DVT (Deep Vein Thrombosis) and clots) results had come back as being a little high. This doesn’t in itself mean I have DVT/Clot but she has to teat it as if I do. We both still don’t think there is one, the result could come back high from inflammation etc. which could still be in the stump. I went to the Pharmacy this afternoon to collect Clexane injections, as I had to start injecting myself today. She has spoken to the DVT Nurse at Hinchingbrooke hospital to arrange a scan. Apparently she thinks the earliest available appointment will be next Wednesday so my GP has given me 7 days of injections. This could be a load of NHS money down the drain as the injections and scan will cost loads for what could be nothing. The thing is that DVT can be a killer and it is far better to get it checked out ASAP than to leave it and end up in serious trouble. I’m super confident that its nothing and am more worried about my appointment with the Rehab Consultant on Monday.


Blood Clot

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