My first physio session

Tuesday was the first Physio session since the revision surgery on my stump. We set off in plenty of time, the journey was a bit slow in places but we were extremely lucky to get a disabled parking space at 09:30. We went through the inside of the Hospital to get to the other end where the Outpatients area is. I went to the desk to find out how to claim for the travel expenses as we have never claimed before. They were really helpful and gave me the dates I had been there over the last few months so I can claim for those too. I went to the amputee gym and was the first one there but it soon started filling when the patient transport arrived. I spoke to the Physio expecting everyone there to know what was happening (especially as she was copied in on the last letter) and a plan was in place. No, that wasn’t the case, she asked me what the situation was. I mentioned the letter, the fact that I was supposed to be casted but haven’t had a date, wanted to walk but didn’t want to go through it all and then have issues but also didn’t want to pass the opportunity to walk again. She told me that she didn’t know what had been happening and asked me what I wanted to do. I said that all we can do is try and see how things go and I will take advice from them too. I asked about using crutches a little more, I said I don’t hop with them but swing through so there is no jarring on the knee. The decision was because she trusted me, and knew I was a pro on them, she was happy for me to use them if it is easier in certain circumstances, as long as I don’t us them most of the day every day she is happy. It was decided that we would try the Femurett (test leg) to see how I got on with walking. Before we tried that and to warm up a little I had a Thera-Band round both thighs then moved the stump in and out for a count of 50 and forwards and backwards for a count of 50. I could feel some movement in the stump but it wasn’t horrendous and certainly not all the time. Out came the Femurett which took a lot of setting up, I couldn’t get the socket on fully but with the belt and shoulder strap it was just enough to be able to walk with. I set off just dragging the foot along forgetting just how heavy the test leg is, especially as it didn’t fit on the stump properly. After a few steps though I was getting the hang of it again, although it was a cumbersome walk and using the bars a lot too. I did feel movement in the stump again and tried to concentrate on when I felt it. One time it was when I turned around to head back again. We wondered if I corkscrewed on the stump and may have to take more steps to turn. I was more conscious of it the next time and it didn’t seem to happen again. Most of the time it was not too bad and considering what the Femurett was like I was reasonably happy. My Physio rung Clinic 9 to see if Lynne (my prosthetist) was there but unfortunately she wasn’t available. I went round to Clinic and booked a casting, which turns out to be next Monday morning. I went back round to the Gym to let my Physio know what was happening. She told me she would try and get round to see Lynne on Monday, find out how long the socket will take to be made and then work out when to resume Physio. She felt I was walking extremely well for using the Femurett and thought it would be a shame if I couldn’t walk anymore because of the stump. The others were having their tea and biscuits, I could have stayed but decided it was better for Dad and me to go home, which is what we did. I only hope I can get a bit more out of my prosthetist, I have many questions for her so we can only wait and see how things go on Monday.


2 Responses to “My first physio session”

  1. Massive ‘step’ forward for you. Glad it went so well and I hope you are encouraged to continue with the perseverance.
    Very happy for you

    • Thank you Steve, I will know a bit more about my fate on Monday at the casting but will just take it a step at a time (no pun intended) and see how we go :)

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