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Back in January the Marketing and Communications Officer of ACFA (Army Cadet Force Association) invited me to be the person for their ‘People’ page, at the back of the next edition of Army Cadet Magazine. I was very honoured to have been asked and accepted the invitation. I just hoped that it would be interesting enough for people to actually want to read it.

Towards the end of March I had a telephone interview with one of the writers at Archant Dialogue, the publishers of the Army Cadet Magazine. The lady was really nice, she had a disability too and we found that we had loads of things in common. I really enjoyed the phone call and finding out about my interviewer, we just clicked and it was a great conversation. After what seemed like ages and many questions she told me she would type it up and send me a copy to proof read.

After quite a while I had not received anything from the Magazine until mid April when another member of staff contacted me by email. They had been so busy with people juggling jobs another lady had taken over my story. She asked me some more questions, which I sent in a reply email and asked for some photos to go with the piece. I knew this was going to be the hardest part as I have very few photos of myself because I’m usually the other side of the lens. My Dad stepped in and I set the shots up then got in place and Dad took the photos. I did a few in uniform up the track near us and some near the house. They wanted some of my own work, plus pictures to fit my interests and of Cody (my Labrador) too. Eventually everything was sent off to the publishers in the nick of time.

Time went by again and a chance email to the Marketing and Communications Officer brought to light she had seen a copy of the finished article. She was very impressed with it and felt there were some good messages coming from it. She emailed me a PDF of the article, which I’m glad she did, as there were a couple of bits that needed amending. She sent the amendments to the Magazine hoping they could be changed before it went to print.

On the 20th May the Summer 2013 edition of Army Cadet Magazine landed on my doormat. I flicked to the back page eager to see if the amendments had been made and to my relief they had. I was happy with the pictures they chose to go with the article and the piece in general. I wanted people who read it to be able to take something away from it and I hope I have achieved that goal. It would also be interesting to know what people thought of it and whether there are many disabled people in the Cadet Force and the issues, if any, they face. I have been very lucky that Cambridgeshire Army Cadet Force and most of the people in it have been very supportive, I just hope other Counties are equally as good.

You can read the published PDF File here Army Cadet Magazine Article or you can see an interactive copy of the magazine here where my article is on page 34

Army Cadet Magazine Article

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