Two tests in one day

On Saturday I was still suffering slightly from Wednesday and just wore my prosthetic leg in the morning while I made a cake. I managed to get it so I couldn’t even feel the tendon, the trade off for this was I didn’t get in fully at the back of the top of my thigh. I was sitting on a lump of folded tissue which was most uncomfortable but refused to take it off in case I couldn’t get the tendon as good as it was again. I didn’t wear it for that long on Saturday but had plans for Sunday.

Sunday I put my leg on at about, oooooh somewhere between 10:00 and 10:30ish. Managed to sit at the table with it on for dinner, which is only the second time I have managed that little milestone. I had decided that I would go for a walk with Dad and Cody up the track opposite us in the afternoon provided the rain held off.

Before I went for a walk I decided to I would go to the toilet, pretty normal for most people but a dilemma for me. The socket was feeling not too bad and the last thing I wanted to do was take it off and put it on again. I had discussed going to the toilet with Lynne (my Prosthetist) but had not actually tried it yet. I had been for a dry run to find the best way of sitting down but that was about all. As unpleasant as this image my be, and please feel free to imagine it’s someone else, picture this. I have the belt on the socket, the belt of the stump sock and a pair of knickers to contented with. I decided to undo the belts and pull them through the knicker leg, to be able to get them down over the outside of the socket, then did the belts up. I sat down on the toilet, where you now have to visualise that there is a ledge of plastic at the top of the socket, so not only is the toilet seat hard, as there is no give, it makes me higher on the left and tilts me over to the right. The role of plastic in the groin area is also pushing my essentials across to the right. As I have a suction socket I can’t push myself out at all to make the situation anymore comfortable or easier. It was painful and uncomfortable and I was worried about misfiring and weeing on the socket or my stump sock. I was so worried about it that I had trouble going at all but eventually I managed it, thankfully with no mishaps as a result. I just hope this is the norm and I’m consistent in this department, aaagh the things us women have to go through! It was another small victory and milestone though and as insignificant as this may seem it was something I have been worrying about for ages.

I decided I would practice the walk as if I was with Cody on my own so would do everything myself. I got him on the lead and out the door with no problems. He pulled a bit through the gate but I manage to control him OK. Crossing the road he was going at an angle in front of me which caused a small problem and is something we will have to work on. The track (for those who have not read past post’s) is compact dirt and sand with fine loose gravel and thick stuff in patches, with plenty of potholes in for good measure. It cambers to the right and is uphill slightly on the way out, obviously reversed on the way back. I let Cody off the lead and set of at a slow but steady pace. Getting to my marker I turned and headed back, it was here that the problems started. I’d had a tail wind on the way out but now it was a head wind with strong gusts happening often. It’s not something I would normally think about but quite a few times it had me leaning into them at a standstill. I think the main reason I stopped was from the strength of the wind and my balance on the leg. I’m sure that as I get stronger and more confident it will not affect me as mush as it did then. Needless to say I was slower getting back but I was taking better strides the more I was walking. I didn’t start the ‘MapMyWalk’ until the start of the track and stopped it just inside the gate but did .81km in 20mins and considering the amount of times I stopped I was really please with that.

I took the leg off when we got in, as I didn’t want to over do it because I wanted to wear it at Cadets again tonight. I must have had it on for about 4hrs again which is more time than I could tolerate any of my other two sockets for. The toilet and walk were only two little ordinary things in anyone’s day, but to me on that day they were both significant achievements. As long as things and progression carries on the way it is at the moment, I will be one happy little bunny.

Track Walking

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