Are we getting somewhere at last?

After a rough night, due to the lady in the bed next to me, I woke up to the usually early morning routine. I’d come off nil by mouth yesterday evening so had Breakfast, had a wash , got dressed and started reading the paper. I thought that at some point someone would come round and let me know what was happening. I kept reading, sending the odd text, then reading some more. In the end I looked at the clock and it was 11:45. I knew that lunch would be round soon so I popped to the toilet and washed my paws. When I came out the lady in the bed opposite said a guy in theatre cloths had just been here looking for me. Bloody typical, you sit there all day and no one comes to see you, the minute your not there they come to see you.

The Nurse came with my notes and told me I would be going to theatre soon. She gave me a gown to put on just as lunch was coming, I was then informed that I’d just been made nil by mouth again. The porter came to help the nurse push the bed and I was on my way. I’ve never had this done under a local anaesthetic but expected some pain. The creepy surgeon came out and thought some of the redness had subsided a bit, it was actually moving down the leg.

He started by prodding around the knee to find the point he was going to use to get the access he needed. Pressing really hard everywhere, I’m holding my breath in some painful areas as the knee was jumping, he just kept saying sorry. When he decided on his spot he lacquered the knee in iodine. It was cold which was fine, stinging which was bearable but he was rubbing it so hard even over the obvious red painful areas, just saying sorry. The trouble is these guys are used to people being asleep, but they treat the people who are awake with the same heavy handedness. Next the local anaesthetic went in, it was stinging a lot and he went in quite deep but again was just bearable. He waited just a couple of moments and then started with the aspiration needle. I couldn’t feel the very first part which was OK then it started to get pretty painful the further it went. All of a sudden he hit a spot that was above my pain threshold and I just broke down. The pain, the constant problems and my cousin passing away was spilling out in tears. That wasn’t even the most painful point of the procedure. He pushed the needle in as far and hard as he could, it felt like it was scraping along the back of the knee cap. He got to the furthest point where there was no local anaesthetic and caught something, I just shouted out, it was like reliving that bloody drain incident again as it was the same feelings. All the time he is saying sorry, sorry, sorry, it was so false as he really didn’t seem to give a shit. After that, again where there was no local anaesthetic, he went to the reddest most painful part and started to squeeze. I knew it had to be done but I was way past the point where I wanted it to stop, not helped by the fact that he seemed to be pressing and squeezing for ever, all the time saying sorry.

By the time he had finished I was exhausted. They managed to get a swab from the rubbish he squeezed out, which he order the SHO to send by taxi to get it to Addenbrooke’s Hospital ASAP. Now he had done the procedure he could start me on antibiotics, his weapon of choice being Flucloxacillin, I think he should have gone Co-amoxiclav but we shall see. All this time the Consultant and SHO were talking over me on the bed as if I wasn’t even there. Eventually he turned to me and said that he expected me to be in for 48hrs on intravenous antibiotics, then switch to oral antibiotics and monitor me.

He seemed to be on the verge of gloating because he was right and there was nothing in the joint. I was happy the infection wasn’t in the joint but couldn’t wait to get away from this guy as there really is something I don’t like about him. So where are we now? Well as I said theres the antibiotics, the other Consultant I’ve had has written an urgent letter to Oxford and this Consultant said he will contact Oxford on Tuesday. As you can see they are trying to get me seen at the Oxford Clinic as soon as possible. How do I feel? Well if these are the best of the best, that they supposedly are, then that’s where I want to be. I have asked myself what the people at Oxford can do that the guys here can’t if they are not growing anything. Also the patten of the infection in this knee seems to be mimicking the one I had in the left knee. Having been here before it is hard to be optimistic, but that knee was a different story and I didn’t go to Oxford. The next couple of weeks could be really important, lets hope there really positive too.

Knee 24-08-13

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