The plans keep changing

Day after day the routine remains the same. I’m bored, especially when they don’t have the i newspaper on the trolley for me to read in the mornings. Worst thing is, although I’ve brought in my Sketchbook Project to get cracking on I don’t have the motivation to start it. Bored but not motivated to do anything, work that one out! I have, on the odd occasion, had a mini creative spurt, the first being a drawing of a Minion on a Banana skin and the second a crane made out of a serviette. I didn’t open the serviette out fully before I started so it was a bit too thick and hard to make, still I’ll know better next time.

The plan was I’d be in over the weekend and reviewed on Monday. Monday afternoon I had an appointment over in the Treatment Centre, I thought they would want me go there first and see me after that. I was seeing a Vascular Consultant because when my foot is down it’s been going a blue, grey, purple, deep read colour and I’ve had some pins and needles and numbness in some of my toes. I’ve had good pulses in my foot so I didn’t think there was anything majorly wrong. The Nurses had booked a Porter to collect me at 13:45, so I would be there for my 14:00 appointment time. The Porter never arrived, which I was really annoyed about as I hate being late for an appointment. They had to get a Nurse to take me across, leaving the already short staffed ward even more stretched. It was a short trip outside from one building to the other but it was great. The fresh air, sun and a breeze was amazing, I sucked as much of it into my lungs as I could and it felt so good. The Consultant felt the pulses, did a Doppler test, looked at my foot colour and asked a few questions. He feels it’s probably a result of the infection, swelling could be restricting the blood flow slightly. He wants me to have a vein scan but didn’t need to see me again, unless they found something serious – which we don’t think will happen – in which case I could see him in clinic next week.

Yesterday evening I got an unexpected visit from my Orthopaedic Consultant (the one who has been dealing with me this time) and he’s happy with how the knee is looking. He was working out how many days I had been on the second antibiotic and wanted me to have it for 7 days. He told me I’d have a full day of antibiotics today, when I asked if there was a chance I’d be out on Wednesday he told me I’d definitely be out on Wednesday. As you can imagine I was over the moon by the news and the end of the tunnel was well in sight, in fact I’m nearly out of it.

This morning the female Doctor who works with the Consultant came round to see me. She asked me how I got on with the Vascular Consultant so I told her what happened. She told me she would get the vein scan arranged and that the Orthopaedic Consultants had been talking about me. Instead of having 7 days of intravenous antibiotics they now want me to have it for 10 days. This means a few more days in Hospital, which as you can imagine I’m not happy about. It wouldn’t have bothered me so much if they hadn’t given me a definite day to go home. If it was left open ended I would have been a little bit disappointed but to give me a day to go home one day and they take it away the next is a bitter pill to swallow.

I know it’s in my best interest and they are firefighting till I can get seen by someone at the Oxford Clinic. Hopefully it will delay the time before I’m back in again or even better it sorts it out. Even if they’ve got it completely under control they will still want me to see the other Specialists, to see if they can identify why I keep getting these infections in my knee. Missing Cody (my Labrador), well I’ve been really missing him for days now, I have longer to wait before I can get home and give a good belly rub now. Undoubtably the worst thing for me is that I’ll miss my Cousins funeral on Friday. Mum and Dad will travel down to Somerset on Thursday and come back on Saturday morning. They will stay with my Dads brother where Cody and Misty (their Cocker Spaniel) can keep one another company. At the time of the funeral I’ll take time to remember her and be thinking of my family who are closest to her. It’s times like this when I get a bit low but even more annoyed as my life has revolved around my knees. They have dictated where I can go, what I can do and when I can do it. The amputation was supposed to stop all this for a few years till I needed the half knee replacement replaced. The situation I’m in now is quit literally my biggest nightmare, never in a million years did I expect to get problems like this in my right knee. I still have no regrets about the amputation but I resent the fact that my knee is still having such an impact and influence on my life, will it ever end?

*Post Update* – The Orthopaedic Consultant has just been round, he asked how much I could bend the knee, felt the worst affected areas and said that every day he looked at it it’s getting better and better. He told me the Vascular Consultant wanted the scan done so he is getting that organised. He then went on to say that Microbiology want me to be on intravenous antibiotics for two weeks. He said they would do a week and a half and keep and eye on it. He had to listen to his team and and be happy with the knee. He’s not completely happy and there’s a chance that I’ll be having the the two weeks worth. The end of the tunnel has again been pushed further away from me but it’s still within sight.

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