A rare trip out

Don’t get excited people, it wasn’t the trip of a lifetime just a couple of hours out.

First thing in the morning OC2 (my Orthopaedic Consultant this time in Hospital) came round to see me and asked if I had thought about the pervious days chat, I said that I had. He told me that they had discussed me again this morning and they felt seeing a psychiatrist was the best thing for me. I repeated what I had said him the day before, I was willing to try anything and if that’s what they wanted me to do I’d do it. He did say it was best to try it and if it wasn’t for me or not beneficial I could stop the consultations. He said that they wanted to look after me while I was in here and would get it arranged.

A short while after the SHO (Senior House Officer) came to see me. He said that he didn’t know if I’d spoken to OC2 or what had been discussed but asked If I’d thought about yesterday, I said that I had. He asked me if seeing a psychiatrist was something I wanted to do, I said that it wasn’t something I particularly wanted to do but the Consultants feel it’s in my best interest so I said I would. He said he would get it arranged for me.

We had some great news in the bay as well, the horrible lady in the bay was going to a rehabilitation place near to where she lived. She was really happy to go to the care home, as apparently it’s a lovely place, she couldn’t have been as happy as we were that she was going there.

I had a Clinic appointment at Peterborough Hospital in the afternoon, I was told transport had been arranged to collect me at 13:30. I know Patient Transport is different to the Porters but after being let down so badly buy them the other day, for my appointment at the Treatment Centre, there was a concern about these guys being on time. There should have been no doubting them at all as they were on the ward to collect me bang on time.

I’d never been in any sort of ambulance, patient transport or on a wheelchair lift before, not that I was disappointed and to be honest I wish I didn’t have to now. The two lady crew were lovely and the one in the back with me for the journey was great to chat to. When we got to the Hospital they took me to the department I needed to be at and went on to their next job.

I didn’t have to wait long to be seen, I had to have a blood test before I left and have to have another small procedure done before I see the Consultant again in a couple of weeks time. The Healthcare Assistant took me round to patient transport where another crew were waiting to take me back again. This was a private company who work with the NHS and the two guy crew were really good as well. The guy sat in the back with me had been in the Prison Service, and worked in the same prison I had but not at the same time. I thanked them for their excellent service when got back to the ward and made my way back to the bed space. When I got back the unpopular lady had gone, hussar, and a new lady was in the bay.

I went over to talk to the little old lady, she’s in her eighties and had a problem with her stomach area. She is such a quite, gentle lady, a complete contrast to the lady who had left the bay. I found out we don’t live very far away from one another and could see she’s a very independent and determined lady. She looked very familiar and as she’s been in and out a few times for various little operations its possible we have been in a bay together before. Some relations visited a little earlier, who also looked very familiar, and one of them came over and spoke to me. I’m sad to be told she has terminal cancer in both lungs, they haven’t been give any indication of how long she has. She’s so sweet you just want to wrap her up and take her home with you.

It was a very warm day yesterday but the trip out was brilliant. Even though I was only outside for the short trip from the Hospital to the vehicle and back again, it was nice to be out of the four walls for a while. Like the other day, when I went across to the treatment centre, I sucked as much fresh air into my lungs as I could and that breeze on my skin was bliss. I’ve always said that when your in Hospital it’s the simplest things you miss the most, you have to experience it to full appreciate it though.

I was told by the Consultant in Peterborough that there was absolutely no way that the infection in my knee could have caused this other problem. In the one hand this is not good news, as they now have to investigate the cause of that. On the other hand the problem could be affecting my immune system, which could make me prone to infection, this now gives me some ammunition to fire at OC2.

Patient Transport Ambulance

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