The longest wait ever

After the disappointment of Tuesday I was so excited that I was going home Wednesday. I was confident that the chest X-ray would come back positive, the SHO (Senior House Officer) had done the discharge letter and got my medication sorted, so I would get home that morning. I decided to stay in my PJ’s to go for the X-ray and would get sorted later. After hanging on for quite a while that morning I went to the toilet, joking to the ladies that the Porter would probably come for me now. Oh why do I say these things? I should have learnt by now. When I came out one of the Ladies said he had just come to take me for the X-ray but would come back later.

Knowing the Porter I rushed into the corridor confident that he would still be there. He was just collecting someone else and said he would come back for me after. I asked him if I could wheel down with him as this would save him a trip and I would get seen quicker. He said that if I was happy to do that he was happy, so our little wheelchair convoy headed down to X-ray. I didn’t have to wait long before it was all over. The Radiographer told me the Porter would be back to take me to the ward, I asked if I could go back by myself. She took some major persuading but eventually let me go on my own, saving the Porter yet another trip.

All I had to do now was wait for the results, I got washed and dress and was poised ready to go. I was told that they would get the discharge letter and medication sorted, I told them that the SHO did that the day before and it was all ready for me to go. The Nurse said she would look for it and the waiting continued, and continued and continued till after lunch. I was texting Dad all day with updates for him to collect me, which was obviously affecting his day too. At 15:00 I was eventually told that the X-ray result was clear and that the discharge letter and medication would be done. I told them it had been done yesterday so I wouldn’t have to hang around that day, they told me they couldn’t find anything. At 15:30 I made the executive decision to speak to the Nurse, I told her that if the stuff wasn’t ready by 17:00 then I would have to stay there another night. It had messed my parents day up and I didn’t want it messing their evening up too. I was told the Doctor was going to do the discharge letter and I told the Nurse they had an hour and a half to get it all done.

Shortly after a female Doctor I had never seen before came round to look at my chart and take my blood pressure. She told me the X-ray was fine but they wanted to check my heart rate. It was still really high but as all the tests were clear she would let me go. She said she was doing the discharge letter now and the medication was being organised. I said that I was told this was all done yesterday, she told me that it hadn’t been done.

At 16:40 I was asked if I could be collected after 17:00, my reply was no, it looked like another night at the Hospital. Later during the drug run I asked the Nurse, if I had said I could have gone later than 17:00 there was no guarantee that I would have gone home that evening was there? She told me that there wasn’t but they were also worried about my heart rate too.

Thursday morning and I was more than ready to go home, everything was done and I was ready for the thumbs up to call my Dad to pick me up. Can you believe that the discharge letter and medication were still not done. The Nurse told me they had sent my drug chart to Pharmacy first thing and they were rushing them through, the discharge letter was being done as we spoke. My heart rate was still high (not surprising really) but we were all happy that there was nothing going on to keep me in. I didn’t get my medication back from Pharmacy till 12:15 and even then they had only done 4 of the 6 items I used. No one had asked me if I had any of the missing medication at home until this point, good job I did.

Eventually on the day before my third week I was free, this was the longest time I have ever been in Hospital, not even when I had my amputation done was I in that long. I had been on intravenous antibiotics till the morning I was discharged and my knee was looking the best it had looked in about two months. Lets just hope it has cured the problem, at worst it will prolong the time before it flares again.

I spent some quality time with Cody (my Labrador) when I got home, he looked thinner and even more handsome than when I last saw him, as he’d shed his winter coat. I did nothing much at all when I got home, just soaked up the peace and quiet, change of scenery, cuddles with Cody, TV, fresh smelling and cool wet room and most of all climbing into my own comfy, cosy bed. The only downside was the fact that the phantom sensations started it my stump when I hit the bed again, which I didn’t have an issue with at all in Hospital. That aside when I eventually dozed off I had a wonderfully peaceful nights sleep, its so good to be home.


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