On my way home

Thursday 7th November

This was a big day, I was finally going home. They normally come round at 06:00 to do your observations then you know you’ve got…… ooh…. about an hour to squeeze in some more sleep, if your not in too much pain, before breakfast at 07:00 ish. Normally most of us would doze again after breakfast before they came round to get people washed and sheets changed.

As soon as I’d had my breakfast I was up and ready for a shower as I knew the IV (Intravenous) Team were coming around at 09:00. She didn’t get round to me till 09:45 and I knew this was pushing it a bit to get everything done and packed before the Patient Transport crew arrived. She didn’t really watch me that morning and I had my idiot guide if I needed it, she was flitting around from pillar to post making sure everything was good from her end to go. Most of the questions I asked were curiosity questions around what I was doing but very few related to the procedure or equipment itself, so that was it, all a over, deemed good enough to do it on my own at home.

Time was marching on and I had to get packed up and ready to ship out. Even though it had gone 11:00 I was just putting the last bits in my bag when the Transport crew arrived to take me home. The thing I noticed straight away was how comfy the stretcher looked compared to the one that had taken me to Oxford, it didn’t disappoint. It’s a good job I’ve only got one leg what with a big box full of medication and great big sharps bins precariously balanced on the stretcher with me. I had my backpack on my lap and one of the guys took my main bag, I was pretty impressed that we managed to get everything down to the Ambulance in one go.

The Patient Transport was a private company based in Birmingham, so they came all the way to Oxford form there, took me to Cambridgeshire and then went back to Birmingham again. The guy who sat in the back with me was brilliant, really chatty, down to earth and we had similar interests. I slept a lot of the way to Oxford but chatting to this guy made the journey seem so much shorter, that and the fact we had such a good run traffic wise.

They stretchered me over the threshold with Cody (my Labrador) being nosey and getting excited, I transferred onto our plan B bed, God it’s hard, it was like landing on a breeze block. I got in the loan wheelchair and made my way to he kitchen to give him a big hug. If he lays down and wants his belly rubbed I have to admit its a bit difficult to reach him, plus I can’t stay leaning over the side of the wheelchair for too long. So, it was it home sweet home, would it help my mood? Would I get my appetite back? How would I manage around the house? Would I remember how to do my antibiotics right? The next few days would probably answer all these questions and I hoped it would be yes to the lot of them.

On My Way Home

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