Thursday 9th January

At 03:00 I woke up in agony, we think this was caused by a combination of things:-

1. Because they had raised the end of the bed to elevate the foot – to reduce the swelling – the fluid had built up in the knee.

2. I’d managed to get a good sleep for a while which meant I wasn’t using the PCA (Patient Controlled Analgesia) to keep on top of the pain.

3. The blocks had worn off.

There was no position they could put me in to ease the pain and the dressings and splint felt incredibly tight. The problem with being in this situation is the Nurses can’t do anything for you so they have to wait for the on call Orthopaedic. It can take any amount of time for them to get to you while you are laying there desperate for help. The guy who turned up was pretty useless to be quite honest and from the look on the Nurses face and from what he was saying she agreed. In the end he gave the go ahead to take down the dressing, which gave some slight relief. He went off to get some advice and make a plan to get the pain under control. In the end they put on a loose dressing, left the splint undone and kept it in the trough, they also altered the PCA dose and eventually that total combination helped me get back on top of the pain again..

The Orthopaedic Registrar came to see me and confirmed that they had put in a fixed spacer this time. They took the drain out after 48hrs last time but said they wouldn’t take it out until it had completely finished draining this time. After they remove the drain the dressing can come down. By this time some of the swelling should have gone down and they would put my leg in a cast, which they thought would be more comfortable than the splint.


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