The knee’s revealed

Monday 13th January

The Orthopaedic Team were the first to come round and find out how I was after the weekend. They said that the drain could come out and the dressing taken down, which was great news, I was also told I’d be booked in to have a cast put on the next day. I’ve only had one other cast on before, which was a full leg one, and I really wasn’t looking forward to have another one done. They said it should be more comfortable than the splint but I wasn’t going to hold my breath. The Nurse said that it would probably be a cast that they can open (it uses Velcro fasteners) as it’s very commonly used in here. I didn’t even know you could have a cast that can be opened so it will be interesting to see. I mentioned how disappointed I was that the E. Coli had been confirmed by them. They did say that it could be a positive in as much as no other bacteria had been introduced and it was only the ones that were in there before.

When the Infection Team came round they were scratching their heads as to why the infection was still present as they had given me a broad range of antibiotics. The fact that it was superficial also added to their confusion. They asked me to explain everything that’s happened since Cody (my Labrador) scratched me again. They decided to alter some of my medication and were waiting for the sensitivity test results for the final antibiotic plan, this can take a few days. The sensitivity test basically tests different antibiotics on the bacteria, they can then identify which antibiotic works best at killing it.

I saw the Physio briefly who mentioned how well I did at transferring with the Physio I worked with on Sunday. She also mentioned about me going home but I told her it may not be an option now I have the fixed spacer in the knee.

The Orthopaedic Registrar came back to see me a bit later in the morning. He said that it may be a strange question but he wondered if a group of 1st year students could examine me. I told him it was fine and I’d been asked to do the same thing while I was in Hinchingbrooke Hospital in the past. In the afternoon the Registrar and 4 students came in to examine my shoulder. They were pretty good, although quite nervous, and I found it really interesting as well. I was quite chuffed that he’d asked me to help, it actually made me feel a bit better about things for a while because I’d been useful/helpful to others while I’m here.

2 Responses to “The knee’s revealed”

  1. Hope all goes well Helen,you’ve certainly had a time of it.Take care my friend

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