New antibiotic plan put in place

Wednesday 15th January

I felt really rough in the morning, I had my breakfast then saw the Infection Team. The Consultant told me that they have been trying to work out how the infection has come back. From the sensitivity results on the bacteria they think that they may not have given me a high enough dose of one or two of the antibiotics. They also confirmed that the infection was not just superficial but in the deep tissue as well, like before. There are about three bacteria that were still present but that also means we have eradicated about three others from the mix. From these latest results they have worked out a new regime that they put into place straight away. I went straight back to sleep after that and the next thing I know I am being woken by a Nurse at 11:30!!!! She said she’d tried to rouse me a couple of times but I’d been out of it all morning and just left me to sleep but now it was time for the wash and sheet changing ritual before lunch.

In the afternoon members of the Orthopaedic Team came to see me. I asked how long I would have to keep the cast on for, they told me that it would come off in a week’s time so they could check the dressing and remove the stitches if it was healing well enough. They told me the plan after that was for another full leg – including the foot – cast to be put on for a further 6 weeks. I know they want the soft tissue to have the best chance of healing but I really don’t fancy having another cast put on, especially for that long. I will just have to see how things go and hope they change their mind.



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