Catching up

Monday 3rd February

Wow, at long last I’m almost up to date with the blog posts. It’s been a slog to get it all done but I’m relieved it’s nearly over. Because of either the medication, feeling wiped out and tired, feeling low or watching films etc. I haven’t been on the computer very much. Hopefully I will be a bit more active on the PC but I also want to start doing more artistic and creative things from now on to pass the time. There won’t be very much happening now as the Infection Team are just monitoring the antibiotics and general well-being and the Orthopaedic team are just waiting for the soft tissue to heal and decide when they will do the stage 2 surgery. This will free me up from the blog a little and allow me to do other things as and when I feel like it. It’s hard to get motivated with the physical, mental and emotional things going on so there probably won’t be a good output of anything I choose to do.

The days just run into one another and as I’ve already mention not a lot is happening. I felt under pressure to get the blog up to date, it was a pressure I was putting on myself. I feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders now I’m almost up to date with it. It’s probably good in a way I’m not doing very much and just resting or sleeping. Sleeping is a bit of escapism in a way, if I can get a lot of it, as I can sleep the days away. They’ve increased the Gabapentin to a higher level, to try and combat the nerve problem, while I try and reduce the Oxynorm. I’ll start trying to reduce it a bit tonight so fingers crossed the plan over the next few days will go well.

They did a blood test on Saturday and unfortunately a Nurse came round to tell me I had to take the dreaded Potassium pills again. I had them last time I was in just after the surgery, it was the first time my Potassium levels had ever dropped low enough to need them. You get these two massive pills that are diluted in water, there similar to Alka-Seltzer as they fizz away while dissolving. Most people, including me, add some squash to it to help with the taste. It helps a little but these are an all-round bad pill so it has much more in its arsenal to make it gross. You try not to put too much water with it so you can neck it as quickly as possible but the down side of that is it’s really strong. It’s the only thing I’ve held my nose while taking it but it doesn’t stop the horrible sensation. Think Alka-Seltzer x 1000, it’s so fizzy that it’s close to a burning sensation in your mouth and throat. There is something else there too that’s hard to explain, it’s kind of like……a salty flavour/sensation that comes through at the end. I haven’t met a person in here that doesn’t have trouble taking them. Probably if you’re on them all the time you get used to them, which I truly hope is true. I’m glad I only had to have it three times in one day, just hope my Potassium levels are back to normal and I don’t have to have them again.

Knee wise things are a bit mixed really, the pain from the actually surgery is fine now and not much of it. The pain at the top of the tibia is still as bad as ever and I only have to move my foot or leg slightly to get intense pain, if it’s kept still it’s not too bad. The actual scar seems to be doing OK and healing well, all they can do is monitor its progress now.

I had a visit from Roy, the amputee who visited me last time I was in here. It was great to see him, he looked really well which was nice to see. We had a great chat covering prosthetic legs, what we’ve been up to, art, work opportunities, etc. etc. We’ve got quite a bit in common, connected as friends on Facebook and swapped details. I think it’ll be beneficial for both of us to stay friends and be able to support one another. Roy’s visit made my day and I felt really good after talking to him.

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