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The woman in black

Since the Colonoscopy on the 6th February things stayed much the same until the 13th, where I woke up in a lot more pain than usual. I shrugged it off as coming from a bad night’s sleep but it was bad enough for me to start taking OxyNorm throughout the day again, which I wasn’t […]

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The great unveiling

Wednesday 22nd January The Infection Team had little for me and really only asked if the Psychiatrist had seen me again, which he hadn’t. Two of the Doctors from the Orthopaedic Team came to tell me the cast would be split later that morning and the Registrar would be round later in the afternoon to […]

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The busiest day

Tuesday 14th January Apart from the day of my surgery this was by far the busiest day I’d had since I’ve been in this time. It started off with the long awaited PICC (Peripherally Inserted Central Catheter) Line, that to be honest couldn’t come quick enough, which meant the cannula could go at last. I […]

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