Monkey Magic Monday

Monday means one thing, and that is, everyone wants a piece of you. It started early with a visit from my Consultant who asked if I had managed to sit out yet which of course I have. He checked the stump and said that we needed to get a new bandage on as it was falling off and asked me to move my leg up, down, left and right which again I managed. Because they have to rebuild the muscle groups they need to check that they are working and this will give me better control of a prosthesis, he said the stump was looking good and had a good shape. Basically if he is happy I am happy!

A lady from pain management came around to see how I had been over the weekend and what if any medication needed to be changed. We increased the slow release morphine in the hope that that would reduce the need to have break through morphine thought the day. I said I was happy to give it a go and we will review it again tomorrow, it will be good if it works. My biggest problem is still the cramping/muscle spasm as I seem to get it most times I move the stump, I am sure it will get better as it is still early days.

I had a special delivery today in the form of a cuddly monkey. The permanent staff at the headquarters of Cambridgeshire Army Cadet Force had a whip round for me and one of them knew I had a soft spot for monkeys. He is lovely and fury and an unusual colour, thank you very much to all of you. They call the stump dressing a hat which is what it looks like, they asked if I wanted the one that came off today to which I obviously said no, I then jokingly said stick it on the Monkey so they did. They said he looked like Bob Marley with that on his head, hmmmm he doesn’t have a name yet, suggestions anyone?

The physio came round today with her assistant who I know very well from all the ops I have had. They were brilliant and 100% better than the one yesterday. I managed to get up OK and hopped round using the frame rather than shuffling like yesterday, the chair was lower so I was able to sit much better too. I was determined to sit out and finish my dinner today. All started well then it felt like it was going to crap so I sat forward a bit and it eased. I was OK there for a bit but then it started to cramp again so I sat back but this time it didn’t help. It was getting tighter and tighter and I was, not panicking, but I had to do something urgently to free it up. I called myself an idiot and promptly stood up, I stretched out and finally it eased, pure bliss. After lunch I hoped the physio assistant would get back quickly as I really wanted to get back on the bed, but I had made it, I had finished my lunch sitting out, result. When the physio assistant, Jan, returned we went through the exercise I have to do. I tried them all but there are I couple that I can’t do for a couple of days, still progress is good and many of the staff here think I am doing really well, chuffed to bits

Just after lunch an ex instructor with Cambs ACF popped in (he works for the NHS and was in Hinchingbrooke today) to see me. I haven’t seen him for about 5 years but he looked really well and it was so nice to see him. Later during afternoon visits the Padre from Cambs ACF visited me. He stayed for a while and had a good chat about cadets and Annual Camp before he had to go. Would just like to thank them both for their time and paying me a visit, it was great to see them both.

I have been, at times, overwhelmed by the comments, best wishes and offers for help and support from people I know. I really appreciate it and it is nice to know there are people around if I need them.

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