A mind of mush

The title of todays post pretty much sums up how I have felt all day, last night was not a good one. There is a new lady (95) in the bay who is lovely but has to sleep with her light on and another who has started snoring over the last two days. To top it off the pain had increased so I had all the medication available to me before I went to bed. That said I could have had one more Tramadol but I still really want to leave that in reserve. The problem is I am not sure now if the pain is worse because we still don’t have the pills right or because I am on my chin strap. Thankfully I have not been, or felt, sick today but have had a lot of Oramorph today which has made me exceptionally tired but I have just not had the chance to rest properly for days. It is safe to say I have been a bit grumpy today but I had a nice visit from Mum & Dad, with no one else visiting we got to have a longer chat which was nice.

When I was and ODO (Operating Department Orderly) at Addenbrooke’s hospital (a few years ago now) I used to have a little side line selling all sorts of different lanyards to the staff there. I have only recently found the big bag of the ones I had left and have decided to sell them and give the money to OWR (Operation Warriors Return, the charity organisation I volunteer with). I had started talking to one of the other patients relatives and noticed that he was a Newcastle United fan, I knew I had a Newcastle United lanyard and fished it out for him. Because of all the different types and styles I have they are being sold at different prices. When we were discussing the price and I told him the money was going to OWR he had no hesitation in handing over £10 which was extremely generous of him, on behalf of OWR We would like to thank you very much.

Tomorrow is quite a big day as I was told I would be in till Monday at the earliest, that indicates to me there is the possibility I could go home, especially as I have been doing so well. There is also the possibility that I could have the clips removed too. Part of me really wants to go home but at the same time I only have one crack at this and want to get it right so if that means I have to stay in longer then so be it. watch this space!

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  1. Chin up girl! x

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