It’s the smallest things

I am going to call yesterday a scratch day as I have just scratched it off the Calendar. As I said in my last post Sunday was not particular good day and the night was no better. I had half the clips/staples out at about 9pm which considering some were very tight, and at times overlapping, didn’t hurt very much. Most of the area was just numb so I didn’t feel anything, there was however, one clip that I did feel which made the stump spring in the air making both me and the nurse jump. Apart form that I just slept most of the day and at last got a good night too. I think that was all I needed, was to catch on sleep as I have not been getting that or rest over the past few days.

I woke up this morning feeling better although not fully refreshed from a nice, comfy, deep sleep but a little groggy from a more forced sleep. Jan was not in today so I went through my exercises with another physio assistant who is really nice too. I spoke to the occupational therapist today and we chatted about equipment etc. for when I go home. She chased wheelchair services to try and find out when mine would be ready (the one I am using is a loan one) but I don’t think they got back to her. I mentioned to her that Bob (fellow amputee) had mentioned not relying on the wheelchair but to get using the crutches as soon as possible but everyone here seems to want me to use the wheelchair. She explained that they did want to restrict me from doing too much but the main reason was to limit the amount of strain on my other knee (which has had 5 operations on it and I have a half replacement in it) and not compromise that leg in any way until they have sorted a prosthesis. I am glad she told me that so at least I understand and why I need to limit the use of the crutches. I saw the pain specialist again and we agreed that we would keep things as they are at the moment but if I had any problems she would come and see me. Things seem to be slotting into place a bit now but the best of the day was yet to come…….

As they have all the equipment and people at hand if needed we decided that it would be a good idea to try and have a shower. When Mum and Dad arrived the sister removed the dressing and said she felt that the clips/staples should stay in until tomorrow. She applied some different dressings to help waterproof it for the shower. Hurrah a shower, ah I can’t tell you how eager I was to get in there. With everything gathered together and Mum in tow I couldn’t get in there quick enough. As you can imagine this being the first one there is a bit of organising plus a little trial and error thrown in. It was utter bliss to feel the lovely warm water on me especially over my aching back. If left to my own devices I could probably have spent most of the afternoon there. The shower was both exhilarating and refreshing, just as a few days ago a small thing upset me, today just the small event of having a shower (which did end up taking an age) made me fell totally different, extremely happy.

Today I had a visit from the Director of Operation Warriors Return, the charitable organisation I work with. He came armed with chocolates but I know he is extremely busy and it meant a lot to me that he took time out to come and visit. It was great to catch up and hear all the exciting developments that could take place in the near future. I have to get myself fit and well ASAP so that I can get stuck in and help as much as I can.

All round a much better day, now feeling clean and fresh I am looking forward to getting into my clean jim jams and clean sheets and getting a good nights sleep, night all!

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