The great escape

The consultant is happy, the physio and occupational health team are happy which means I am happy, very happy. I can’t believe it was only two weeks ago that I had my surgery. The day after the pain was incredible and I thought it would be ages before I would be able to do some of the things I can now. Even though I am disappointed that they have had to increase my medication we are keeping on top of the pain now. The cramp/spasm of the stump has eased slightly but the cramp/sensations/discomfort of the the phantom limb is still quite bad at times, especially in the evening. So that is it, the great escape will occur tomorrow. We have been trying to get my medication sorted with pharmacy today so I can go home in the morning if not it will probably end up being tea time. The occupational therapist gave me a commode which I really did not want but they would rather I take it and not use it, than need it and and it not be there. When my parents visited they brought in a big bag to take home most of my things just leaving me the essentials. When it came time for them to go home my Dad refused to carry the commode for embarrassment but took the bag (which was extremely heavy) leaving Mum to walk out of the hospital commode in hand.

Two colleagues from Cambs ACF came for a surprise visit which was very nice and they hope to visit me sometime a home. As always it was great to see them and catch up a bit and again we had quite a laugh which was good. Apart from a physio session, which was really good if a little rushed through, it was quite a quiet day today. I had a pants nights sleep last night so I have my hot chocolate sitting here which I will enjoy (god that makes me sound old) and think about settling down and hoping I can get a better night tonight.

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