The sock

Today was not a bad day but very manic. We are in the planning process for me to be discharged on Friday so there are all sorts off odds & ends and questions to sort out. Before I came in to Hospital an occupational therapist came to the house to see what could be put in place for when I go home. We identified that the bath, for me, is out of bounds as we have a corner bath (which cannot be adapted) and the walls are hollow so grab rails could not be put up. An adjustable toilet surround (to help me get up from the toilet), a perching stool, a shower stool and a half step (to get in to the shower) were all delivered to the house before I came in to hospital and we knew that the shower could be an issue. After getting a few measurements from my Dad, talking to the occupational therapist and physio they decided that I should not use the shower as it will be too dangerous. They will send the occupational therapist back to the house when I get home to check the shower situation again but they are sure it will not be an option. In a way this may do me a favour as we will apply for a grant to try and get the bathroom converted into a wet room. It could take some months to go through the process for that so in the meantime it is good old strip washes or fined someone who’s shower I can use. I have also been told that I have to use the wheelchair at all times around the house and where this is not possible (in my bedroom) I have to use a walking frame, I am not allowed to use crutches. I am quite disappointed about this decision as I find I can walk better with crutches than with a frame but if that is what they want me to do then I had better start doing as I am told.

I had loads of visitors today which was a surprise. Some family friends arrived at roughly the same time as the second padre from Cambs ACF. The signals officer from Cambs ACF stuck his head round the corner, Mum and Dad came and last but not least a friend who is the ex public relations officer from Cambs ACF. I would like to thank them all for taking the time to come and say hello and spend some time with me.

About half past seven was a mini momentous occasion as I had the remaining clips taken out. There was a student nurse who was with the nurse removing the clips. I was talking to the student and asked her if she wanted to have a go if that was acceptable, which it was. Understandably she was nervous to start off with and there was a couple she did not manage but on the whole she did a very good job. I think she was pleased to have been able to have a go and thanked me for letting her do it. Two small Steri-strips were put on at one end as some top skin needed a little bit longer to heal but all the rest looked lovely, clean, tidy and not much bruising which is a bonus.

We have been waiting for a stump sock to come across from Addenbrooke’s Hospital, Cambridge since all the measurements were given to them on Friday. Today was the day it arrived which was a slight disappointment straight away as we were expecting a couple. You could see from the moment the end of the box was opened and I peeked in that sexy this sock is not. They look like they have mutated from a pair of ladies full length and DVT tights and if you hold it a certain way it looks just like a massive jock strap. It took two of us to get it on which is very painful, you have to ensure that all the wrinkles are out of it, so theres no wearing it like Nora Batty. They go over over your knickers and the belt goes around your waist which does up with Velcro. As you can imagine my days of rushing to the toilet are no longer and option, instead forward planning and a strategic operation will have to swing into place.

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