Brain strain

I was told to reduce the Tramadol back to what I had been taking before my fall, which I did. I was really looking forward to going to bed and getting a good nights sleep. The bed felt lovely, the cool soft sheets, cosy duvet and plump pillow, I melted into bed. Unfortunately I didn’t get the sleep I expected as I was in a lot of pain. I didn’t get anymore pain relief as I was hoping it would settle but it didn’t, hence a blog post being done at 4 something in the morning. Having taken my morning medication I tried to get some sleep which I did but that meant I didn’t surface till lunch time. I Have decided that I will leave the medication that little bit higher at night for the next couple of days then knock it down again and see how it goes.

Strangely the thing that has surprised me the most and unthought of is the amount of brain strain you have. At the moment every single thing I do has to be really thought about, from getting around in this cumbersome wheelchair, best way to wash and navigate the bathroom, how to use the frame and get to the areas of the bedroom where the frame won’t fit, absolutely everything, that said there is nothing wrong with a bit of a brain workout. As with everything new you learn the more I do things the easier and quicker it will get, it will just take time and patience. I have been told by my Consultant that I have to wear the stump sock 24/7 but when you only have one, that has to be rinsed out every day, this is just not an option. Obviously I will wear it for as long as possible each day and ask the physios if there is any way I can get another one. It seems to be a bit big but very tight and it is cutting into my groin and leaving a red mark already. I am hoping that the stump will hurry up and reduce in size so that I don’t have to wear it for too much longer.

Tomorrow will bring the dawn of another mini era in the shape physiotherapy. It will be off to Addenbrooke’s Hospital, Cambridge for roughly two hours where I will be going to the mini gym. I am a little bit apprehensive as I am not sure what we will be doing in this first session and two hours seems a long time. Will it be a group circuit, assessments, one to one work or a mixture of all three. Past the apprehension I am looking forward to it as it is probably the most major part of my rehabilitation. I have to work hard, do as I am told (for a change) and not try and run before I can walk (excuse the pun). My immediate concern today though is to try and get a decent nights sleep so I am fresh to work tomorrow.

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