There’s no place like home

Saturday the 26th November, a momentous day. With a bad nights sleep and drugged up to the eyeballs I was really tired in the morning. Feeling better than yesterday it was agreed I could go home with slightly increased medication to keep on top of the pain from yesterday’s fall. How did I feel? Thankfully as bad as the fall was it hadn’t knocked my confidence too much. There was a strange mixture of the excitement to be going home, relief to be getting out of the hospital, slight emotion of saying goodby to the wonderful staff and some fear of going out into the big wide world. As I didn’t have my ruby slippers to click it was down to my parents to take me home. As I have been band from using the bath and shower at home (will have to have strip washes until something can be arranged) I had a lovely shower before I left. After waiting most of the morning for my injections to come up from pharmacy (have 25 days left to do them to prevent blood clots) it was time to leave. Going through the front door of the hospital and being hit by the fresh air it felt almost surreal, this was it my new life begins. Although I was in pain I felt a benefit straight away with the journey home in the car. I was sitting properly without having to wedge a crutch under my leg to support it, it felt much better, more normal. When I got home and went through the front door it felt great to be back but I was fully aware that the hard work starts now!

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