The big wide world

Today, compared to most, has been relatively quiet with only two things worth mentioning. First thing this morning it was down to the surgery again but this time to see my GP. Obviously one of the main outcomes I wanted from the surgery was to be able to come off all, if not some, of my medication. The purpose of seeing the GP today was to talk about how best and where to start reducing it. I have to say that she is not too keen for me to start reducing the medication at all for about a month but if I were to start anywhere it would be the Tramadol. I had not been taking Tramadol before I went in Hospital and suspected that would be the one she would choose. In some ways I was a bit disappointed that we could be looking at a few months before we can be off even half the medication, if that. I know with the vast amount I am taking that driving is completely out of the question even if I had no pain in my stump, so frustrating as I am so keen to get driving again. I am aware that I have to be slow, go with the flow and not rush things as it is still only 3 weeks tomorrow that I had the operation. I think it is because that I have been doing so well and the cramp/spasms have subsided that I even thought about reducing it. On reflection I am still getting phantom pain, especially in the evening, and she is right that we don’t want to start stopping things and then I just end up in loads of pain again.
Straight after leaving the surgery I went on my first great excursion in the big wide world, to Tesco in March. A let down I know but worth while non the less. I wanted to go out for a few reasons, to get a bit of fresh air with a change of scenery, a bit of exercise, test out my new wheelchair and see how I would cope in a crowded public place. Thankfully it was not that crowded which was probably a good thing but this chair is so manoeuvrable I probably would have been OK even if it was. I was expecting to see lots of people staring and looking at me but that didn’t seem to be the case (which was good), probably will be when the kids are not at school though as they are far more inquisitive. Even though the seat of my chair is quite high it is weird being so low down, people are obviously looking down at me but thankfully it doesn’t feel like it is in an intimidating sort of way. The flooring in the supermarket is great and I can burn some serious rubber down the isles if I need too. I found most things within arms reach especially the Terry’s Chocolate Oranges (the Honeycomb ones are to die for, toffee flavour even more so but they don’t do that as a whole orange yet) so life is good. Probably the hardest part of the day was not for me but for Dad trying to get my wheelchair in and out of the car. The wheels can be taken off and the back rest folded down but thats all. When we got home we decided to take the mudguards off to see if that would make a difference and it did, it means he can now get it in the boot without having to put the back seats down. I have worked out how to pull wheelies with the wheelchair so I am practising so I will be able to get up kerbs and small steps. I am doing this now so that in the not too distant future we will be able to take the stabilisers off which will also help when loading the chair into a vehicle.

I have a job to do tomorrow that I am really not looking forward to so expect a rant, it may actually spark some comments too, watch this space!

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