Disability Living Allowance (DLA)

Oh it had to come sooner or later and here it is, my first rant. DLA given to people who need day to day help. Broken down into two parts, a mobility component for getting around indoors and out and the care component for personal help in daily living. Without going into a lengthy story just before March my allowance (highest rate mobility, lowest rate care) was not just reduced it was stopped, even though my condition had become worse. With the new Government in power tightening up the allowances the department for work and pensions went stupid. With my allowance stopped I was no longer entitled to Motability so my car was promptly taken away. I had lost the will to fight anymore having had years of problems and a bad infection I had had enough. Thankfully Superman came and helped me fight my case and the allowances were restored. I was told that if an amputation did take place (it was on the cards then) I should let them know as I may be entitled to more money as my care would probably increase. Before I went in for the operation I asked how I would need to let them know about any increase in care needs following an amputation. Did they say “Just call us and we can take the details over the phone”? no, did they say “We will send you a short form so you can let us know the new needs”? no, they told me that they would send me out the form as I had to reapply for the whole bloody thing again. Aaaggghhh I have spent nearly all day filling the sodding thing out, I am sure there must be a better way than this. I think sometimes that they make the form so long and drawn out so that most people will be put off filling it in, except of course for the die hards who are claiming for things they are not entitled too. I know veterans who are entitled to these allowances but don’t apply as they see it as a weakness, giving in to their condition or think they can do without it. I tell them that they are entitled to it and should claim for it, why when they are entitled to it should they not get it while those that are not entitled to it do get it. The form is draining, the system is crap, different people who view it give different results and people who are not entitled to it get away with it so easily. Until a new and better system can be worked out and put in place we have to live with it but we don’t have to like it. I have not felt very well today and been in a lot of pain which is probably the stress of filling the form in (I think the surgery was less painful) so I am hoping for an early night and to feel better tomorrow.

Thats it rant over!

2 Responses to “Disability Living Allowance (DLA)”

  1. You can do this online but it is still long and drawn out. At least you can think about what you want to say a bit more and change it till you are happy. Chin Up

    • Thanks Carly, yes you can do it online but they had already sent me the form. I always photocopy my applications before I send them off now so I can use the old one as reference. All I can do now is sit tight and wait for their reply to see what they will award me.

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