I felt different for the first time

Yesterday was good. I went to see the nurse for a dressing change and because the wound was doing so well she decided to leave it uncovered. She had made a small bit bleed (where the dressing was stuck) at one end so just put a small dressing over that. In the evening I noticed that the other end of the wound was gaping a little so I put a Steri-Strip™ over it to close it up. It is good to have the wound in the open because I can now massage it. The cream was all cool which felt great, I was using Vaseline Intensive Care with Aloe, and this will help to reduce the scaring and rejuvenate the skin. The action of massaging the stump could also help to desensitise it and possibly reduce the effects of phantom pain, which would be a result.

Today saw another little excursion out to a nearby garden and leisure centre. We went there for a general wander round and I was hoping to pick up a couple of Christmas presents. If you read my post ‘The big wide world’ I made a comment in there which proved to be correct today. Being Saturday and coming up to Christmas Garden Centres are a magnet for people, this was my first real test of a crowded place. Being a weekend the kids are off school and I was right when I said that I expected them to stare at me and my leg. I didn’t really mind too much though to be honest I just went about doing what I was doing, its not like they made me feel like some sort of freak. I did find manoeuvring around the store quite difficult in places and would never have been able to get in half the places I did today if I had the other wheelchair. In some places there were no isles just a mish mash of stands etc. which I found particularly difficult to navigate, especially the ones that had glass/ornaments on. In some cases there were areas of store that I didn’t even bother venturing into. Probably the weirdest thing was being so low, which felt more noticeable than it did in the supermarket the other day. Funnily the time I noticed it the most was when I went wheeling off on my own and separated form my parents. That in itself was not the issue it was when I went to go back to them, I couldn’t see them! Before it was so easy, just look around the store clock the location and meet back up with them. Now it was like being a small kid again, I couldn’t see over the top of the racks, rails and stands and had to roll around the place for ages to find them again. At no point did it feel bad, intimidating or uncomfortable but for the first time I really did feel different. I am sure that now I have felt that and had that experience today it will just feel normal from now on, bring on the shops!

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