Thank You

Before my amputation I had been in and out of hospital 5 times since March (twice for two weeks) and was always on the same ward. I had decided before I went in for my surgery that I wanted to get the staff on the ward a nice card (and a nice box of biscuits), to say thank you as they had always looked after me really well. I had started thinking about the words a couple of weeks before I went into hospital and while I was in there. After a lot of thought I felt I had managed to convey how I felt but condensed it enough to fit in the card. Since I have been at home I have thought a lot about that card and feel that it should really go to all the staff (receptionist, theatre staff, recovery nurse, etc. etc.) who cared for me during my stay. It was dedicated to the nursing staff however because they have the hardest job with patients. So these are the words I wrote in the Thank You card and it is to everyone at Hinchingbrooke Hospital:-

To all the staff on Damson Ward

Most patients cant see past their own pain
I can
Most patients cant see there are 29 other people needing help
I can
Most people think all your job consists of is what they see
I don’t

Because I can see past these I can see the very special people you all are. Every time I have been on the ward you have all been totally amazing and looked after me extremely well. Please remember for all the moaning, complaining and hassle you get there are people like me who appreciate everything you do to make the stay here as pleasant as possible, while you are working in very stressful conditions.

So from me and all the people who cant see what I can, I want to thank you all sooooo much for everything you have done for me, it has been truly appreciated.

Take care and best wishes to you all x

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