A dinning experience

Today I went out for lunch with two friends from Cambs ACF, we went to a local pub that I had not been to before. This was my first dinning out experience since the surgery and I was quite looking forward to it. After squeezing the wheelchair into the car it was off on the short drive into town, it would probably take an able person about 20 minutes to walk there. I had my first encounter with gravel and seemed to managed quite well but it was reasonably fine stuff. Had it been bigger stones then I think it would have been a whole different ball game. We went in the tradesman’s entrance (the back door), as this avoided the need to negotiate steps, and ordered our drinks at the bar. I went to sit at the table nearest us but couldn’t get my knees under it so we plumped for the wobbly round table in the the end. Luckily one of the people I was with was Royal Engineers so the quick fold of a beer mat, which was shoved under the leg, solve the wobble issue! How many engineers does it take…….? no don’t go there. After a while our meals arrived, my order was cocked up but I just had what they brought as I didn’t want to wait for it to be cooked again. It was OK in there, nothing great, but the company more than made up for the meal. One of them had to leave early which was a shame, the two of us who were left didn’t stay too much longer. After negotiating the doors on the way out and wheeling across the gravel to the car all was fine until I had to turn. As I tried to turn in to the passenger door to get back in the car my wheel dug in and I started to wheel spin, a little assistance was needed here. With the krypton factor wheelchair back in the car it was off back home, the time just seemed to fly and I was a bit gutted that it was all over so quickly. People visit you while you are in hospital which is great but when you get home they seem to stop and you see no one again for months! We are hoping to get out again before Christmas but with everyones commitments this may not happen. Still it was a lovely afternoon and I look forward to going out again some time. As for the pub I’m not really sure how wheelchair friendly it is. There were steps down from the little end where we ate so I am not sure how easy it would be to get into the main bar area. I didn’t see any signs for the toilet so I have no idea if they have a disabled one or not, if not could I even get to the toilet and be able to use it? On reflection that is something I will have to bear in mind when I go out in the future. Note to self, check out disabled facilities and report findings!

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