A visit and some realisations

The best thing I will take away from all the time I have spent in Hinchingbrooke Hospital over the years will be two new friendships. One of those friends popped round for a coffee today and it was so nice to see them. It was nice to see them socially and not with all the hassle of the ward, where we could chat instead of me asking a question and they had to fly off before they could answer. Her son hmmmm 4 I think, makes mean cookies and is a little Master Chef in the making. I was delighted that she came armed with some cookies (and the young Master Chef himself) which I loved even if my hips didn’t!

Yesterday at the meal when there was just the two of us talking I had mentioned that I had been really busy and was sitting on the sofa most of the day working on the laptop. There was a short pause and we both seemed to have a ‘lightbulb!’ moment together. Earlier I had mentioned about the new stocking I would be getting for the evenings that stopped electrical signals getting to the nerves in the stump. We both thought that sitting with the laptop on a tray on my lap could actually be contributing to the phantom pain. Yesterday I didn’t use the laptop and although I did have phantom pain in the evening it was nothing to what I had been having. When I was using the laptop today and even using the iPad now I can feel increased tingling and reaction from the stump. Heres hoping the new sock works!

I had arranged to be picked up on Sunday morning to go across to Cambs ACF Headquarters, Waterbeach, where 3 Company are having their Christmas Camp. It wasn’t until my Mum just happened to ask if they had disabled facilities there that I realised they didn’t. There is not even a way that I could go to the toilet there so I am now unable to go. It has highlighted an issue which they are going to look straight into to see what can be done to facilitate me any any other disabled person who may visit the centre, on an open day or if the centre was hired out. By its very nature you don’t normally get disabled instructors or cadets and it is something they or I have ever had to think about before. It just goes to show though that something like this not only affects your life and home but your hobbies and other establishments too.

Today has been another good day but the visit made it extra special.

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